Introducing Rubble Tile’s New Porcelain Collections – Inspired by Ancient Legends


Introducing Rubble Tile’s New Porcelain Collections – Inspired by Ancient Legends

Some legendary places are so ingrained in our minds that we can imagine how they might look, and become inspired. Rubble Tile is thrilled to announce two new porcelain tile series whose designers were inspired by Atlantis and El Dorado; fabled cities of lore that have long energized people’s creative spirits.



Photo courtesy of Mediterranea


Mediterranea’s Porcelain Series, Atlantis, Now at Rubble Tile

It was over 2300 years ago that the Greek philosopher Plato first wrote about the lost city of Atlantis — forever embedding in the human imagination the vision of a utopian city on the ocean.  Through the millennia, countless artists have created stories, sculptures and other works in an attempt to evoke this mythical wonder of the ancient world.

Fast-forward to the present day.  Mediterranea’s tile design team has performed its own relentless exploration – through a vast palette of colors and stones, inspired by the vision of a magnificent world lost to the sea eons ago.



Atlantis 12×12 – photo courtesy of Mediterranea


The result is Atlantis – a porcelain tile series that pays homage to the imagination of both explorers and designers.



Altantis 12×12 variation – photo courtesy of Mediterranea


Each tile is designed with rich and varied colorations to perfectly blend together when installed – bringing our vision of the “Lost World” of Atlantis to life.



Atlantis 12×12 close-up – photo courtesy of Mediterranea


Atlantis is made in the USA in an installer-friendly 12”x12” format that is sophisticated and neutral enough to include in many project types.  With Atlantis, Mediterranea has designed a tile series that is all-new, while still evoking the magnificence and spirit of historic designs that span civilizations.



Atlantis – Poseidon decos. Photo courtesy of Mediterranea.


Poseidon decos are the perfect design companion – a set of 6 unique deco tiles.  These decos are packaged separately, and can be mixed with Atlantis, or installed as its own unique field tile.  The graphic background randomly shifts within each tile, so any installation of Poseidon decos results in a beautiful blend of colors and patterns.




Photo courtesy of Mediterranea


Introducing New Porcelain Tile Inspired by El Dorado, the “City of Gold”

Few legends of the new world are as enduring as the lost city of El Dorado.  For centuries, conquistadors and European explorers such as Sir Walter Raleigh sailed across the Atlantic, searching Central and South America in vain for the legendary “City of Gold”.

Search no more.  The tile design team at Mediterranea intensely studied the rich artistic and architectural heritage of this vast region to produce its latest series, El Dorado. The result is a porcelain tile that perfectly captures both the beauty and the legend of this mythical, magical city.



El Dorado 12×12 – photo courtesy of Mediterranea


Using its exclusive Dynamic HD Imaging technology, Mediterranea’s new El Dorado series perfectly captures the rich dark browns and hearty gold tones seen in the native designs, jewelry and architecture of the Central American region.



El Dorado 12×12 – photo courtesy of Mediterranea


Manufactured in the 12” x 12” format for easy installation, the variation within and between each tile blends beautifully when installed. It’s the perfect choice for any design motif that seeks to capture a timeworn aesthetic.



El Dorado variation – photo courtesy of Mediterranea


Made in the USA, the El Dorado Series is as versatile as it is attractive – the latest series from the design experts at Mediterranea.


south american-style-tile-minneapolis

El Dorado – Inca decos. Photo courtesy of Mediterranea.


To complete the El Dorado design package, Mediterranea also offers 6 unique deco tiles called Inca. These bold and inspired original designs are packaged separately, and can be mixed with El Dorado, or installed as its own unique field tile. The 12″x12″ Inca decos feature 6 original designs, and are printed with random graphic backgrounds.  This results in a perfect blend when installed on floors or walls.



These series are designed in Italy and made in the USA. Not only that, but they contain up to 40% recycled content.  With the beauty and durability of Mediterranea’s porcelain, Atlantis and el Dorado are a fabulous addition to any designer’s toolbelt.  We invite you to see these inspiring porcelain collections for yourself at the Rubble Tile showroom in St. Louis Park.


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