Tile that Brings the Natural World into Your Living Space


Tile that Brings the Natural World into Your Living Space

Whether we’re talking about porcelain, ceramic, metal, stone, glass, or cement tile, the core materials from which all tile design stems are from the natural world. Clay becomes ceramic and porcelain, sand is transformed into glass, metal and stone are what make up the Earth’s crust. Each tile’s material, color and texture offers its own feel, depending on the style and function of a space.

We’re thrilled to introduce our two newest tile collections that are inspired by the natural world: Chamonix and Frammenti, by Del Conca USA. Designed in Italy and made in the USA, both of these innovative tile series mix multiple natural materials into their designs. This combining of elements creates a look that’s a step beyond what we’re used to seeing.



Chamonix Dark Gray, Rectified


The Chamonix Porcelain Tile Collection at Rubble Tile

Chamonix is named for a town in southeast France that sits at the foot of Mont Blanc. It’s a fitting name for this series, because each tile is rich in meticulous fragments of various stones, sedimented and embedded in the material, allowing nature to indirectly enter your living space.



Chamonix 1×1 in. Mosaic, Beige


Mont Blanc, and the Alps, were formed mostly of granite and limestone. When you look closely at the tiles in the Chamonix collection you can see the different fragments depicting authentic fossilization, variation, and mineral deposits for which limestone is known.



Colors, Shapes and  Sizes

Chamonix offers a color palette with warm and cool shades that make it suitable for a variety of living styles. The Dark Gray color lends itself to recreating industrial-chic atmospheres; gray, the reference color of mountain stone is a transitional neutral choice, while white is a fabulous option for minimalist or modern spaces. The Beige color generates warm atmospheres and is a pleasing neutral color for public and commercial spaces.


neutral porcelain shower tile twin cities


Three sizes – the 12 x 24 inch,  24 x 24 inch, and architectural 24 x 48 inch – are rectified, which allows for a super clean look without the standard grout lines we’re accustomed to seeing with tile.

The  Muretto Brick is a design-forward mosaic that has the feel of a random linear pattern, but it’s on a uniquely conceived 12 x 24 inch sheet. For more traditional mosaics, Chamonix has a 1 x 1 inch.



Chamonix Muretto Brick, Dark Gray



Chamonix 4 x 4 inch Hex, Dark Gray


To top off the series, Del Conca USA added a 4 x 4 inch classic hex shape that has versatile uses, and a 4 x 24 inch bullnose piece available in all four colors.


Chamonix 2 Pavers

The tile designers at Del Conca USA added another option to the Chamonix offering – this time in a paver thickness for outdoor use. Filling a need in the paver marketplace, the Chamonix 2 Paver series brings the same sophistication as Chamonix to your outdoor space.




Thanks to the increased thickness, Chamonix 2 is ideal for the garden:  walkways, poolside and outdoor showers. These paver tiles are freeze/thaw rated, slip-resistant, and low maintenance.




Chamonix 2 comes in 24 x 24 inch pavers, with useful 13 x 24 inch pool copings added to facilitate a finished, refined look. The same four versatile colors as the Chamonix collection are available:  Bianco, Beige, Gray, and Dark Gray.


The Frammenti Collection

Frammenti offers two styles of tile that are very different, yet beautifully compatible. The first component of the collection is classic glazed porcelain stoneware in a contemporary 3 x 16 inch size. Classic stoneware has been given an update with a polished, shiny glaze that exudes vintage-modern style. The series’ colors are subtle yet striking, and include Azzurro, Bianco, Blu Notte, Grigio, Verde Acqua.



Frammenti Blu Notte Brick Backsplash


Frammenti means fragmented in Italian. With that in mind, the second component of the Frammenti Collection has a terrazzo-like look and feel. The inspiration for this tile came from the idea of taking multiple organic materials and bringing them into one. Fragments of marble, earthenware and glass were brought together in the same ceramic material, making for a stunning tile option.



Frammenti Bianco Macro 8 x 8 inch & Verde Acqua 3 x 16 inch


These tiles’ shiny surfaces and contrasting colors in small sized areas enhance the architecture of the space, creating movement that is constantly evolving. They are intended to work well in conjunction with the shiny glazed 3 x 16 inch tiles from the same collection. They also work well with glazed porcelain or ceramic tiles, other stone-look porcelains, and other materials.



Frammenti Azzurro Macro


The three available colors are Azzurro Macro, Bianco Macro, and Nero Macro. Due to the variation of colors and shapes within, all of the colors in this collection are extremely complimentary and versatile.


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