The Rich Hues & Varied Tones of Rubble Tile’s New Porcelain Collections


The Rich Hues & Varied Tones of Rubble Tile’s New Porcelain Collections

Variations in tone, shade, and hue are some of the most prominent features of natural stone tile. And the most sought after. We’re excited to introduce two new porcelain tile collections by Mediterranea that use color variation to replicate the beauty of natural stone. Both of these stone-look collections, Precious Stones and Trident, are available through Rubble Tile.



Precious Stones – Venetian Blend, by Mediterranea


Precious Stones, Mediterranea’s Stone-Look Porcelain Designer Series

The treasured natural marbles found only in the world’s most exclusive quarries have been unveiled for all to see in one of Mediterranea’s finest porcelain tile collections, Precious Stones.



Precious Stones – Venetian Blend, by Mediterranea

Imagine you had unfettered access to the most treasured quarries of Italy, and could carry off only the finest, most premium stones available. Precious Stones showcases the “best of the best” in natural stone – featuring the colors, veining and consistency that represent the pinnacle of what nature has to offer.

Unlike typical marbles and stones culled direct from quarries, Precious Stones features the most select and elegant surfaces ever seen in a manufactured product. The collection is available in two classic color palettes to suit any taste.


affordable-marble-tile-near-minneapolis    inexpensive-marble-tile-minnesota


The Precious Stones collection utilizes Mediterranea’s Dynamic HD Imaging™ technology to create the exceptional look of these rich and varied stones in the popular, versatile 12 x 24 inch size.
Add the availability of 2 x 2 inch mosaic tile and 3 x 12 inch bullnose, and you have both the colors and sizes suitable for any inspiration or design.

Trident by Mediterranea


Mediterranea’s Trident Collection Available Through Rubble Tile

For centuries, the Trident has been a bold symbol of mythology, strength and majesty. The three-pronged spear is said to be the lance of both Poseidon and Neptune – Gods of the Sea in legendary Greek and Roman mythology.



Trident by Mediterranea

The tile design artists at Mediterranea have taken the spirit of the sea and the ancient Gods as inspiration for its newest porcelain tile series – TRIDENT. Rich with color, the 12 x12 inch Trident series is infused with the multitude of shades and hues found in the undersea world imagined by poets and philosophers through the ages.



Proudly made in the USA, Trident is offered with 2 x 2 inch mosaics on 12 x 12 inch sheets and a 3 x 12 inch bullnose trim available to complete the design package.  A legion of colors come together perfectly in this porcelain tile series to make a bold design statement.  Trident is an all-new look that truly brings the old world to life – the latest design achievement from Mediterranea.


Poseidon Deco Tiles

POSEIDON decos are the perfect design companion – a set of 6 unique deco tiles.  These decos are packaged separately, and can be mixed with Trident, or installed as its own unique field tile.
Trident with Poseidon Decos, by Mediterranea
The graphic background randomly shifts within each tile, so any installation of Poseidon decos results in a beautiful blend of colors and patterns – reminiscent of the artistry and carvings found in the lost city of Atlantis.

Poseidon Decos by Mediterranea


While Precious Stones and Trident were designed with different inspirations in mind, both offer bold, rich tones and gorgeous, natural-looking variation within each tile.

Contact our showroom to make an appointment, order samples, or request more information on these two unique collections.

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