Tile Handmade In America with the InLine & Highline Collections

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Tile Handmade In America with the InLine & Highline Collections

Pratt & Larson’s designers and artisans have been creating handmade ceramic tile in Oregon for almost 40 years. Quality, artistry and innovation have been the hallmarks of this well-respected tile line for decades. All three of those qualities are on display with two contemporary, design forward series – InLine and Highline – available through the Rubble Tile showroom.


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Pratt & Larson’s InLine Series at Rubble Tile

The InLine series  is a newer addition to Pratt & Larson’s Bas Relief collection (low relief). They’re Bas Relief designs project slightly from the tile or in some cases are inscribed into the surface of the tile. This creates natural pooling, but also allows you to create larger fields of pattern and texture.


pratt and larson handmade tile

InLine Pattern A; Glaze Color W96


InLine enhances a classic shape with contemporary, linear patterning. The handmade quality is immediately evident in the glaze variation that pools artfully into each tile’s relief lines.

Consisting of 12 different 3×6 designs, InLine creates beautiful,intriguing layers of pattern and geometry when used individually or in combination.


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InLine Patterns A – L


InLine allows you to create patterns as simple or complex as you desire, the options are endless. You can use Pratt & Larson’s layout suggestions, or create a new combination of your own.


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InLine patterns are available in any of P & L’s monochrome glazes – there are over 70 to choose from. Contact us for more pattern layouts, to order samples, or to set up a design consultation.


The Highline Series by Pratt & Larson

Inspired by a vast array of sources – ancient Moroccan mosaics, Americana quilt blocks, encaustic tile designs and streamlined art deco architecture- the Highline series uses distinctive, raised lines to build dynamic patterns.


pratt and larson highline tile minneapolis




This graphic line work creates expansive patterns allowing for grand scale installations. Lines can appear subtle or more defined, depending on your glaze and grout choices. In a single color the glazes flow from the high points to reveal striking designs.


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Any of the eight Highline design patterns may also be hand filled with color selections from Pratt & Larson’s delightfully bold gloss palette, their classic gloss colors, or their crackle palettes. Incorporating Highline into your next project will absolutely transform your space into a room of beauty, magic and significance.

Contact the Rubble Tile showroom for more information on patterns and glaze options, or to set up a design consultation.


handmade ceramic tile minneapolis


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