Minnesota’s Newest Ceramic Tile, Habitat, is a Natural Choice for Any Project

Minnesota’s Newest Ceramic Tile, Habitat, is a Natural Choice for Any Project

Rubble Tile is thrilled announce the arrival of our newest ceramic tile collection, Habitat. Brought to you by the tilemakers at Adex USA, Habitat offers a handmade, hand-glazed look with natural glaze variation at a surprisingly budget-friendly price point.



Habitat Pewter Glossy – Photo Courtesy of Adex USA


The Habitat Collection at Rubble Tile

Habitat is a versatile series that emphasizes the natural features of ceramic tile. Each tile and each color in the collection contains inherent glaze variation, which lends the handmade look and feel. The clay body of the tiles themselves are slightly textured and undulated, making each tile unique.


Habitat River Blue Matte - Photo Courtesy of Adex USA


When installed properly, the finished look highlights the natural variation and texture, creating an organic flow to any space. It’s a great option for residential bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room walls and backsplashes. But Habitat is also rated for wall use in commercial spaces like restaurants, hotels and public buildings.



Habitat Graphite Glossy – Photo Courtesy of Adex USA


Colors, Shapes & Sizes

Habitat comes in six subtle yet striking colors:  Alabaster, Cloud, Graphite, Leaf, Pewter, and River Blue. Each color comes in a Matte or Glossy solid glaze.

Field tile sizes for both the Matte and Glossy glazes are offered in a 2.5″ x 5.1″ subway tile, a longer 2.5″ x 10.3″ plank, and a 5.1″ x 5.1″ square.



Habitat Pewter Matte – Photo Courtesy of Adex USA


We’ve all been there. You choose an awesome tile for your project, but then you realize they don’t offer the coordinating pieces to finish off the look you’re going for.

With Habitat, we’ve got you covered.

The collection contains a full selection of decorative trim pieces and moldings to complete your installation. The options include the 0.6″ x 10.3″ liner, the 1″ x 10.3″ quarter round and a finishing edge of 0.55″ x 10.3″.

For moldings, you can select the 2″ x 10.3″ Molding or the 4″ x 10.3″ Base Board. Don’t forget to ask us about the available options for breaks, frame corners and end caps!


baseboard tile minneapolis

Habitat Baseboard in Graphite Glossy – Photo Courtesy of Adex USA



Habitat Installation Notes

Due to the nature of Habitat’s design, a certain amount of variation in color, shading, surface and texture are to be expected. There is shade variation between the individual field tiles and between field and trim within each color.

Due to the shape of the pieces and the nature of production, this is especially true for variation between field and trims. Trim pieces like quarter rounds, finishing edges and other moldings may have more glaze pooling and different pooling effects than other pieces. Expect variation within each run, and from production to production.

It’s important to blend the tile within each carton and from multiple cartons during installation. This is best achieved by laying out the material prior to installation.

Contact the Rubble Tile showroom for more information on Habitat samples and pricing, or to set up a design consultation in person or online.


affordable subway tile minneapolis

Habitat Alabaster Glossy – Photo Courtesy of Adex USA


ceramic subway tile st. louis park mn

Habitat Blend – Photo Courtesy of Adex USA


white subway tile minneapolis

Habitat Cloud Glossy – Photo Courtesy of Adex USA

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