When it comes to designing spaces, there’s always a place for neutral tones and simplicity that can act as a blank canvas for the rest of the design. That’s the guiding principle behind Basic B, from AlysEdwards Tile & Stone. While AlysEdwards is known for their irreverent color names and marketing, their ceramic, glass, stone and porcelain tile designs really stand out.

With Basic B, they’ve proven that simple and neutral flooring is an asset for designers. Especially when you consider the quality and sophistication AlysEdwards brings to all of their tile collections.

In AlysEdwards own words:

“Enjoying simplicity doesn’t make you lame, it means you have good taste…This wood-look may not be extra but it sure is versatile and petite in size.”



Basic B – Becky’s secret is AQUA net. Photo courtesy of Alysedwards.

Wood-Look Porcelain’s Trending Rise

Wood-look porcelain has been available for a while now, but it’s in the past few years that the trend has created a larger demand in the design industry. One reason for the trend is that tile makers have been able to create porcelain with an incredible likeness to actual wood flooring.

Another reason for the increased popularity of wood-look porcelain is its durability. That means the tiles in Basic B need much less maintenance than natural wood. And they’re more impervious to daily wear-and-tear. With its strength and stability, porcelain tile can be installed in high traffic residential areas with confidence. Not only that, but the price point of porcelain is often budget-friendly when compared to most natural wood options.



Basic B – Britney goes cray cray for gray. Photo Courtesy of AlysEdwards.


As technologies have improved, we’ve seen an uptick in the variety of wood-look offerings out there. At Rubble Tile, our goal is to offer our clients the highest quality of gorgeous tile while staying in front of trends in the design industry. With Basic B, we’ve got another gem in our mix of wood-look porcelains.


The Basic B Collection at Rubble Tile: Neutral, Sophisticated, Petite Porcelain Planking

The Basic B collection is comprised of four refined, neutral colors in a plank size of 2.25″ x 11.75″. These planks are unique because of their petite width that allows designers to play with different patterns and arrangements.



Basic B – Becky’s secrete is aqua net & Britney goes cray cray for gray in Offset. Photo courtesy of AlysEdwards.


Two of the most classic patterns that work superbly with Basic B are offset and herringbone. In addition, AlysEdwards made the colors compatible, which allows you to blend any of the colors into one design installation. They look great in monochrome, but when it comes to these colors the more the merrier!



Basic B – gray, sand, vanilla in Herringbone Pattern. Photo Courtesy of AlysEdwards.


Like natural wood these tiles have a high level of variation, a purposeful design choice that enhances the beauty and aesthetic accuracy of the product. They’re mostly used on floors, but this series can be used to great effect in a wall application. It’s also suitable for wet areas like showers, and can be used on countertops.



Basic B – Britney goes cray cray for grey. Photo courtesy of AlysEdwards


We invite you to discover the Basic B collection, now on display at the Rubble Tile showroom. To move your project forward, you can also work with one of our showroom design consultants virtually or in person. They can help you find bold tile selections that work perfectly in conjunction with Basic B’s neutral luxury.

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