Alluring & Durable Porcelain Tile with the Timeless Charm of Metal


Alluring & Durable Porcelain Tile with the Timeless Charm of Metal

When we think of metals, we often picture steel structures and skyscrapers. Yet like natural stone, the metals we use for our architecture and everyday items come from the earth. Milestone’s designers infused a timeworn metallic look to their latest porcelain tile offering, Element. The result is an extremely multifaceted collection as malleable in style as the metal which serves as the backbone for its design inspiration.



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Milestone’s Element at Rubble Tile

Element comes in the versatile 12 x 24 in. size. The two finish options, Semipolished and Matte, each provide a subtly different aesthetic and feel depending on the style of your space.

The collection is available in four colors that are striking, yet subtle enough to work superbly when paired with other materials and finishes:  Light Gray, Dark Gray, Bronze, and Gunmetal.


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The Benefits of Element Porcelain Tile in Residential and Commercial Spaces

Here are just a few of the benefits of Milestone’s porcelain collections, including Element, for your home or business:

  • The product is water-resistant.


  • It stops liquids, body oils, acidic and staining substances from penetrating the tiles.


  • It resists scratches, scuffs and gauges better than any other floor covering.


  • It doesn’t absorb fumes, odors or smoke.


  • It doesn’t discolor or fade when exposed to sunlight, or other natural elements.


  • It is completely fireproof. It resists burns and doesn’t feed a fire.


  • Its high resistance to abrasive dirt and grime makes it suitable even for heavy-traffic areas of the house such as hallways, entrances, foyers and walkways.




We all love organic materials like natural stone and wood. We also know they require a lot of extra care and a bigger budget. The clay that produces porcelain tile comes from the earth as well – it just so happens that the chemical reactions caused by intense heat make it extremely durable. And beautiful.





Element provides a perfect union between strength and beauty that’s ideal for residential and commercial spaces alike.

We invite you to contact the Rubble Tile Showroom to learn more, and see the collection in person or virtually.





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