Trending: Timeworn Wood-look Tile that Fuses Vintage with Modern

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Trending: Timeworn Wood-look Tile that Fuses Vintage with Modern

One tile design trend we love that’s here to stay is the timeworn look. Whether it’s tumbled marble, artisan-style ceramic tile or any other material, people enjoy the warm, lived-in feeling that a weathered look provides.

Two new wood-look porcelain tile series by Del Conca USA are exquisite examples that fuse an organic, vintage feel with a modern aesthetic. Voyage and Wine Barrel, both available through the Rubble Tile showroom, offer a beautiful timeworn look for a surprising range of residential and commercial spaces.


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The Voyage Wood-Look Porcelain Tile Series at Rubble Tile

With Voyage, the designers at Del Conca found inspiration in the design and quality of the old wooden ships used by Italian explorers as well as by people around the world for hundreds of years.

The surface of each tile’s through-body glaze was designed to have a subtly weathered look, as it would after years of exposure to saltwater, wind and sand. The texture is realistic without any of the downsides of wood, including the high maintenance and lower durability.



Voyage comes in four colors, from the rich Dark Brown to the more neutral Gray, Taupe, and Bianco. Each color comes in both 6 x 24 in. and 8 x 32 in. sizes that offer a variety of design possibilities.

The durability of Voyage makes it great for commercial projects as well as high traffic residential areas. The beauty of the product also makes it a great option for modern industrial lofts or even transitional-style kitchen floors.


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The Wine Barrel Series – Wood-Look Porcelain Tile

Wine Barrel’s name says it all. The aged wine barrels of Italy’s wine regions were the inspiration for Del Conca’s designers. They created a tile whose glaze displays the natural variation of wood flooring. But what makes this series unique is the glaze technique that looks like wine penetrating a barrel plank’s porous surface. This creates a depth in tone and natural variation that produces a richly organic and warm feel.

Wine Barrel is offered in three colors:  Gray, Noce, and Bianco. The 8 x 32 in. size is versatile enough for larger spaces like restaurants or building lobbies. This series is also popular in residential kitchens, hallways, bedrooms and dining rooms.

Also available is a 1×1 in. coordinating mosaic that comes on 12 x 12 in. sheets. From backsplashes to shower floors, you can finish off your design concept with a sophisticated mosaic.


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Why Porcelain Instead Wood Flooring


Lead Times and Pricing

Right now wood is in extremely high demand. And due to all the unforeseen circumstances over the past year and a half, many suppliers and mills are trying to catch up. That makes both the lead times and the pricing unusually high.

Meanwhile porcelain tile manufacturers have been able to maintain a relatively low price point. And lead times are no longer than normal since the products are in stock in the U.S. At Rubble Tile, we strive to keep lead times low by working with manufacturers that have a good level of stock available domestically.

Maintenance and Durability

Wood is a natural product that requires maintenance to keep it looking like it did when it was installed. No one expects wood to stay completely sparkling new, but with porcelain just a minimal amount of care will keep it looking great. Porcelain is much more scratch and stain resistant than wood as well, which is why Voyage and Wine Barrel are perfect for commercial spaces.

These porcelain series’ tiles are also fireproof, waterproof, and freeze/thaw rated.  Durability is a core feature that makes porcelain tile a smart selection for your next project.


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