Utilizing the Raw Design Power of Concrete with Porcelain Tile

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Utilizing the Raw Design Power of Concrete with Porcelain Tile

When selecting tile for your project, you want something that goes beyond sheer durability. You want something that will age like a fine wine, and get better over time. Not every tile option can provide you with both. But fortunately, Ragno is here to save the day. With their new Conkreto collection, you can now have the best of both worlds without the wait.


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The Benefits Of Conkreto

We’ve written before about the visual appeal of concrete. Its steady presence in our lives makes it a calming background material, but true concrete requires plenty of maintenance in order to make it last a long time.

By making Conkreto out of porcelain, Ragno’s tile designers take the positives of cement and concrete tile while leaving less-desirable qualities behind. As a material, porcelain is made of clay from the earth. It’s also hyper durable, and requires very little maintenance to keep up.

On top of that, while cement tile is trending right now, it’s still expensive. Conkreto’s porcelain offers all the visual advantages, yet it’s far easier on your project budget.

The main appeal of this collection is its lived-in look. Ragno uses through-body porcelain tiles, which have continuous color from the glazed surface throughout the tile body. If the tile is impacted, it’s less noticeable due to the synchronization of the glaze and body colors.

The timeworn aesthetic and natural variation give the collection a sense of age and history while maintaining a contemporary look with an edge. On the residential side Conkreto is perfect for repurposed industrial buildings like warehouse lofts, or minimalist, modern-rustic spaces.

Because of their durability, ease of maintenance, and budget-friendly price, these tiles have also been used to great effect in commercial projects ranging from hair salons and restaurants to hotel lobbies and public spaces.


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The Conkreto Collection at Rubble Tile

Conkreto comes in four colors: Charcoal, Greige (grey/beige), Grey, and White. Each one is a beautiful monochrome with a subtle color variation inspired by concrete. The tiles come in three sizes in each color:  12 x 24, 20 x 20,  and the architectural 18 x 36. There’s also a 3 inch triangular mosaic option. The variety in sizes and shapes allows you to turn what may seem like a limited pool into a vast array of pattern options.


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Whether it’s in your kitchen, your bathroom, your bedroom, or any public space, Conkreto is ideal for any project. The organic expression in shade coupled with the illusion of concrete make it a solid choice for your design vision.


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Contact the Rubble Tile Showroom to make an appointment, inquire about samples, and find out about pricing. And don’t forget, the technique used to create this durable series and the power of porcelain ensure that your project will be a strong as it looks.



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