Get the Look of Hand-Finished Italian Travertine with a Contemporary Feel

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Get the Look of Hand-Finished Italian Travertine with a Contemporary Feel

The beauty of the natural world is often found in its smallest details—and the same is true with the beauty of human craftsmanship. When it comes to natural stone, it’s the slight variations in color, shape, and texture that help to create the unique, organic aesthetic of the nature-made.

Careful handcraft also leaves subtle marks, evidence of human ingenuity and skilled work. These details are the inspiration for the vision behind the new Eterna collection by Emilceramica, a travertine-look porcelain tile that integrates the look and feel of natural, hand-cut stone with contemporary design trends.



A Porcelain Tile Collection Inspired by Italian Travertine

Travertine is a type of limestone found in deposits near mineral hot springs, with lovely neutral color variety and interesting striations. It can form stalactites and stalagmites, and has been used in Italian architecture for centuries—Michelangelo even used it in the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica.

The Eterna collection captures the elegant, ageless appearance of natural travertine by emulating the variety and character of the stone with color and textural variations, and marble-like striated patterns that realistically imitate the patterns in travertine. Emilceramica has also incorporated fine marks and details in the tiles that evoke hand-crafted natural stone.




The Advantages of Selecting Porcelain Tile

There are numerous benefits to using porcelain tile. Porcelain—which is made of clay from the earth that is kiln-fired at an extremely high temperature—is incredibly durable and low-maintenance in comparison to natural stone.

By going with an elegant travertine-look, you can have the best of both worlds, combining the aesthetic of real travertine with the durability, convenience, and long-term maintenance savings of porcelain. The Eterna collection tile also adds a sophisticated, contemporary take on the timeless style of hand-worked stone, which offers a modern feel for your design. As an added bonus, it also comes at a lower price point!


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Sustainable Products at Rubble Tile

One other thing that we love about the Eterna collection is the low environmental impact of the tile production. The collection is Greenguard Gold Certified, which means that the tiles are produced in accordance with the stringent American Greenguard Gold standards, guaranteeing low VOC emissions. Emilceramica also uses fully recyclable packaging.


Eterna at Rubble Tile

The Eterna collection comes in four colors inspired by the natural colors of travertine: Avorio, Beige, Silver, and Titanio. All four colors are neutral, so they can work with most any design vision. They are also versatile and complimentary with each other, so they could easily be combined in a design.

Each color is available in several different sizes and decors, which can be customized to your design. The field sizes—an architectural 24 x 48 inch, a 24 x 24 inch, a 12 x 24 inch, and a sleek 2 x 12 inch—are versatile enough to be used in residential and commercial spaces.


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The square mosaic is a 2 x 2 inch, and the rectangular mosaic is a 1 x 2 inch. Both of these smaller mosaics are great for a coordinating look. They would be ideal in a design for a kitchen or bathroom backsplash or feature. You could put them on the shower floor and pair them with a larger size tile in the same color on the shower wall.


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These tiles are suited to most any residential and commercial contemporary or transitional spaces. The traditional mosaic styles have a smooth, clean finish and an artisan-cut style. They are nicely complemented by the Decoro Rome decorative tile, which has a textured finish of an almost wavelike, distinctive pattern that gives the impression of clean, contiguous lines running all along the length of a wall. There are many options for combining the different decors to create a unified, organic look.

Like all of Rubble Tile’s products, Eterna is in stock in the U.S. That means a shorter lead time and more certainty for your project. Each of Rubble’s vendors either produce or stock their tiles domestically, allowing our clients to avoid supply chain issues that are persistent these days.

Contact us for more information about this lovely new collection from Emilceramica!


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