Rubble Tile Spotlight: Modern, Elegant Ceramic Wall Tile in Stock in the USA

Rubble Tile Spotlight: Modern, Elegant Ceramic Wall Tile in Stock in the USA

When we imagine the Riviera, we think of sun, warmth, and colorful architecture. Whether it’s the Spanish, the French or Italian Riviera, the homes and businesses that dot the hillsides boast vibrant colors and add to the overall charm of each place.

riviera-collection-adex Positano, Italy


The Riviera collection, by ADEX USA, utilizes the vivid colors of Europe’s Mediterranean coastal architecture that are its inspiration. But more than that, ADEX has designed this collection with tone on tone variation within each tile and between each tile. This hand-glazed feel lends the collection an elegance and sophistication that bring a modern, artful aesthetic to any wall tile application.




Ceramic Tile with a Spanish Heritage

Spain has a tile-making history that spans hundreds of years. From Roman times, to the rule of the Moors and all the way to today, tile has been used in churches and mosques, government buildings and in many homes. ADEX tile is a part of that history. They are a four generation family-owned company dating back to 1897. The original factory located in Onda (Castellón, Spain) is where their artisan tile-making began.

As the years past, they continued to solidify their footprint in the tile industry within the European market as a luxury artisan tile maker. The demand of the North American market was calling for ADEX tile. Backed by their parent company ADEX, S.L. and inspired by the love of tile, ADEX USA was born to further expand the legacy.



They’ve been distributing tile in the USA since 1996, now with three distribution centers in Miami, California and New Jersey. Like all of Rubble Tile’s vendors, Adex USA is in stock domestically. That means your project will stay on schedule due to shorter lead times and more inventory certainty. With today’s supply chain disruptions, it’s reassuring to have multiple tile options for your designs that are available in the U.S.

Another advantage of using AXEX USA tile in your project in the price point. For sophisticated, artisan made ceramic tile, the Riviera collection is extremely budget friendly.


The Riviera Collection at Rubble Tile

The collection features ten stunning colors and three field tile sizes:  4″ x 4″, 4″x 6″, and 8″x 8″.  This combination of sizes allows for mixing sizes in your design, and the series comes complete with gorgeous moldings and other useful trim pieces.


Photo Courtesy of ADEX USA


The stars of this show really are the vibrant glazes. Like other fine hand-glazed ceramic tile, the glaze pools into certain areas of the tile face. This creates tone-on-tone variation that evokes artful elegance. The flow created by the variation within the tiles and between the tiles offers a modern sophistication that makes any space special.


shower tile minneapolis

Photo Courtesy of ADEX USA

From restaurants or commercial bathroom projects to residential shower walls or kitchen backsplashes, Riviera has a luxury style and look. Come see for yourself at our showroom in St. Louis Park, or contact us for more information on this inspiring collection.


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bathroom tile minneapolis

Photo Courtesy of ADEX USA


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