Tile Collections from Indonesia Feature Trending Shapes

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Tile Collections from Indonesia Feature Trending Shapes

Zen Paradise natural stone and pebble tiles are inspired by the tranquil, gorgeous beaches of Indonesia and Southeast Asia. They are passionate about ensuring their products are organic, high quality, and ethically sourced.

On the many islands where Zen Paradise’s materials are found, nature produces renewable and abundant stone colors ranging from midnight blacks to bleach whites, turquoise greens to twilight blues, to coral pinks, tans, yellows, and storm cloud greys.

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The desire to capture this beautiful serenity for others to enjoy is the creative spark for Zen Paradise Wave and Hexagon tiles.


The Wave Collection at Rubble Tile

Wave tiles are an innovative new concept that is now available through the Rubble Tile showroom. Zen Paradise has taken their well-known pebbles and sliced them into perfectly flat stones. The end result is a pebble tile that has a completely flat surface.


Wave Shower Floor

The flat pebbles are a natural product manipulated by modern design and tools. Zen Paradise wave tiles are a beautiful combination of nature and modern, industrial design.


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Mini Wave Backsplash


The Wave shape comes in three distinct series:  Wave, Mini Wave, and XL Wave. All have their own color options, and use Indonesian pebbles that are one of nature’s renewable resources. So keep in mind when you select any Wave size, you’re choosing a sustainable tile.

Wave, Mini Wave, and XL Wave all come in 12 x 12 inch sheets, with the flat pebbles arranged into an interlocking pattern. The 1/4″ – 3/8″ thickness is fairly standard, and will work in conjunction with other materials if necessary.


Wave tiles can be used to accentuate a kitchen or bathroom backsplash, bathroom floor, shower wall, or shower pan.


Some of the colors in Wave


The Wave Series has the most colors of the three flat pebble sizes, boasting fifteen options with island-inspired names like Coastal Mist and Pacific Blue. All the colors use natural variation and complementary tones to great effect. Some of the colors are gorgeous blends of different pebble shades, while others are more uniform in tone.


Mini Wave

Like Wave, Min Wave is great for backsplashes, showers and bathroom floors. The smaller size offers even more of a calming mosaic feel. The nine colors include calming neutrals as well as bold blues and aquas.


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Mini Wave Timor White detail


XL Wave

After years of designers and architects asking for a pebble tile to use in larger areas, Zen Paradise has created XL Wave Tiles from the largest, most naturally beautiful pebbles in the world.


large pebble tile minneapolis

Seaglass – XL Wave


The end result of using larger sized pebbles is a tile that is beautifully unique, natural, and designed specifically for larger areas.

The XL Wave tile has an overall feeling of less texture and less busyness. It is ideal for larger spaces. You can also make out the individual stones, since they are 2.5″ x 3” in diameter. The XL uses the same grade of stone as the ever-popular mini and regular wave tile.


XL Wave Tiles can be used in areas as small as a bathroom floor, shower surround or shower pan, but these tiles are designed to be used in larger spaces such as feature walls, water features, large walkways outdoor spaces. These tiles have also been designed for commercial projects such as restaurants and hotels.


Hexagon, Mini Hexagon & XL Hexagon

Zen Paradise’s new hexagon tiles use natural stones from throughout Indonesia to create eye catching blends. Individual hexagons are made of onyx, basalt, and marble. These individual hexagon jewels are cut, tumbled and woven into a blanket of beautiful mosaic color.


hexagon stone tile mosaic minneapolis

Hexagon Beach Mix backsplash


Hexagon, Mini Hexagon, and Wave Hexagon each offer four colors:  Beach Mix, Dark Grey Marble, Mountain Mix, and White Marble.


natural stone hexagon mosaics


These mosaic tiles beautify bathroom showers, floors, backsplashes, kitchen backsplashes, and feature walls.

Here are the specs for each size:

  • Sheet Size: 12.25″ x 12.25″ tiles
  • Thickness: 1/4″ to 3/8″
  • Pattern: interlocking
  • Finish: natural
  • Materials: onyx, marble, basalt
  • Individual hexagons are 1.75″ from side to side


marble hexagon tile

Mini Hexagon
  • Sheet Size: 11″ x 11″ tiles
  • Thickness: 1/4″ to 3/8″
  • Pattern: interlocking
  • Finish: natural
  • Materials: onyx, marble, basalt
  • Individual hexagons are 1.25″ from side to side


Mini Hexagon Beach Mix


XL Hexagon
  • Sheet Size: 10.5″ x 12″ tiles
  • Thickness: 1/4″ to 3/8″
  • Pattern: interlocking
  • Finish: natural
  • Materials: onyx, marble, basalt
  • Individual hexagons are 4″ from side to side

hexagon stone mosaic backsplash


Both collections are in stock in the U.S., so supply chain disruptions aren’t a problem. That means better lead times and more efficient scheduling for your project.

Contact the Rubble Tile showroom to learn more about Wave and Hexagon, to make an appointment, or to order samples from these appealing natural collections.

All photos courtesy of Zen Paradise



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