Sustainable Porcelain Tile with a Subtle, Elegant Look

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Sustainable Porcelain Tile with a Subtle, Elegant Look

One of the things that a great design can do is to subtly guide the user’s gaze throughout a space, giving an impression of coherence and natural flow. The new Mosa Stage collection does this perfectly by featuring understated porcelain tiles with a luxurious feel. Stage tiles were conceived with versatility and subtlety in mind, and can be used to create a clean and discreet backdrop for a variety of commercial and large residential spaces.

Without being too flashy or demanding on the eye, these tiles help to add poise and flow to almost any spatial concept, allowing for life to unfold organically.


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A Tactile Porcelain Finish with Delicate Glimmer

Small ceramic flakes in each tile give off a delicate glimmer effect, catching the light without favoring a specific directionality or producing any sort of glare. These small flakes are what give the tiles their speckled appearance, which creates a softly elegant, three-dimensional look. The tactile finish is pleasing but not overly pronounced.


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Mosa Stage’s Color Options

There are nine colors to choose from, in both warm and cool shades, all inspired by nature. The range of colors makes it easy to create interesting patterns by combining colors. For a modern, minimalist look, you could use the lighter shade on the floor and a slightly darker shade in the same size on the walls. Or, you can create a geometric or rhythmic pattern on the floor of a large open space. Mosa’s Pattern Generator is a useful tool for visualizing how different patterns could work for your project.


Mosa’s Modular Sizes

Stage tiles come in three sizes: a 36 x 36 inch, a 24 x 24 inch, and a 12 x 24 inch. The different sizes can work on their own or with each other to create patterns. The 36 x 36 inch will minimize the number of joint lines between tiles, which makes for a smooth and seamless appearance—ideal for large, open interiors. They would be great for commercial lobbies or entryways.

porcelain tile stair treads and copingsThe 24 x 24 inch is another good option for large spaces, and it’s also versatile in that it could be used in combination with the 12 x 24 inch to compose a unique pattern. You could use the 24 x 24 inch tile in a lighter shade and the 12 x 24 inch in a dark shade as an accent tile. Since it’s rectangular, the 12 x 24 inch is also good on its own for creating a linear pattern that can add some directional dimension to the space. The collection also includes stair treads and skirtings.



The Advantages of Selecting Porcelain Tile for Your Project

Porcelain is a hardwearing and durable material, which makes it perfect for high-traffic commercial or public areas. It’s easier to maintain than many other tile materials, and it doesn’t chip or scratch as easily, so it’ll retain its smooth surface and clean look for longer. Plus, porcelain comes at an affordable price point: you’ll get a lot of use out of your investment in these tiles. They are also slip resistant, which is important for floors in high-traffic spaces.


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Commitment to Sustainability at Mosa and Rubble Tile

Something we love about Mosa is that they put sustainability at the forefront of their production. Mosa adheres diligently to the “Cradle to Cradle” philosophy, which is based on the principle that by re-using raw materials and relying on renewable energy sources in production, we can minimize the waste and pollution that result from less sustainable manufacturing methods. Mosa tiles are sourced from materials that are abundant in nature—clay and sand—and do not harm the environment nor human health.

Mosa’s commitment to sustainability is long-standing, as they’ve been a Charter Organization with the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute since its founding in 2011, and they are the world’s first ceramic tile company to attain full Cradle to Cradle Silver certification. Their tiles have also contributed to numerous sustainable building certifications, like LEED.

To learn more about the Stage collection from Mosa and order some samples, contact our showroom. We would be happy to consult with you about your project.


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