Eden Porcelain Stoneware Tile by Ragno: Timeworn Style with a Modern Feel

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Eden Porcelain Stoneware Tile by Ragno: Timeworn Style with a Modern Feel

This month we spotlight a tile that brings a sense of classic style to your space. The Eden porcelain tile line by Ragno consists of beautifully crafted glazed porcelain stoneware that combines timeless shapes with artisan details and contemporary sizes. These high quality Italian tiles put a modern spin on traditional tile shapes.


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Ragno’s Eden collection can be used to cover whole floors and walls, or act as an accent in a backsplash. Additionally, the multiple chic deco options allow for endless design possibilities.

A Modern Spin on Classic Tile Shapes

Eden comes in two sizes that are unique enough to add a modern touch, but classic in their overall shape. The 3 x 11 inch brick tiles and the 8 x 7 inch hexes are made from reclaimed, pre-consumer recycled content. Eden is not only an attractive design choice, but also an environmentally friendly option.


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Because of the durability of porcelain, this collection is suitable for floor applications. You can use multiple hex colors to create your own pattern in a residential hallway or mudroom. At the same time, the elegance and design craftsmanship of Eden’s tiles make it a great choice for a backsplash or feature wall.


Neutral, Vintage Tones

Eden is available in five neutral tones that pair nicely with any design or color scheme. In shades like Bianco, Cotone, and Greige, the Eden collection uses calming, natural tones and materials for a touch of timeworn sophistication that allows the rest of your space to pop.



Eye-Catching Details

In addition to paying homage to vintage aesthetics with classic neutral tones, the Eden collection also makes use of distressed effects and elegant tone-on-tone color variation to bring striking updates to a timeless design. These details add a layer of visual interest to walls or backsplashes. The multi-tone variations will create an engaging depth in your designs.

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Eden Collection Deco Options

The collection offers eight relief-style decos in the brick shape, and six graphic-patterned options in the hex shape. Ranging in inspiration and style from the late Neoclassical style to modern design, these decos can compliment a wide array of installations. Use them as a feature, or add a sense of pop, fun, and sophistication when combined with the field tile.


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Best of Both Worlds

Eden is a unique collection because it seamlessly blends the classic, artisanal, timeworn look of neutral brick and hex tiles while adding design touches in its size and feel. The depth and variation of tones, as well as the individual distressed effects, make Eden a compelling option for any space.  Meanwhile the available decos can add a sense of classic and the modern.

Whether you are looking for a timeless brick tile or a modern, sophisticated twist, Eden combines the best of both worlds with its unique details. And while these tiles are designed in Italy, they are in stock in the US, so no supply chain worries here. Contact the Rubble Tile showroom for an appointment or for more details on this stylish tile collection.

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*Photos Courtesy of Ragno USA


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