Colorful To Classic: Stylish Hexes, Bars & Liners at Rubble Tile

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Colorful To Classic: Stylish Hexes, Bars & Liners at Rubble Tile

At Rubble Tile, we like to celebrate innovation and those who strive to succeed while being unique. With their non-stop irreverence coupled with their impressive design talents, AlysEdwards Tile & Stone  provides a prime example of the type of tile makers we enjoy working with. This month, we’re thrilled to present their remastered Half Baked collection!


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AlysEdwards Half Baked, Mesh Mounted Gloss Bars in Butter Me Up



More Than A Half Baked Idea at Rubble Tile

AlysEdwards has made a name for themselves in the tile industry as purveyors of artisan tile products with plenty of sass to spare since 2008. Their offbeat sense of humor is injected into the names of all their collections and colors, adding a much needed feel of levity to the often dry world of interior design.

But just because they like to get whimsical with their branding doesn’t mean AlysEdwards promotes play over work.

Above all else, they believe in the quality of their customer service, their products, and their outlook when it comes to tile design.


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AlysEdwards Half Baked, Mesh Mounted Gloss Bars in Icing on the Cake


Half Baked: The Familiar, And The Newer Shapes from AlysEdwards

Sporting both bold and more neutral colors, Half Baked is a collection inspired by the feeling you get in the presence of delicious baked goods.

There are four different shapes to choose from, and they work well when incorporated together because of their shared color palette:

The original Gloss Bars

These porcelain bars are 1.25 x 6 inches, with a beveled surface that adds depth and pattern to any wall.

With the thirteen colors available in the Gloss Bar shape, you can create a scrumptious variety of classic or colorful looks. Each of these smoothly glazed artisanal ceramics look almost good enough to eat.


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AlysEdwards Half Baked, Gloss Bars in Whipped Cream. Photo Courtesy of David Lund Design


It may seem obvious that these are a perfect fit for any cozy kitchen or living space, but they also work just as well as part of commercial projects like restaurants, hotels and of course, bakeries!


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AlysEdwards Half Baked, Gloss Bars in Icing on the Cake


Mesh Mounted Matte Blocks

The Mesh Mounted Matte Blocks are 2 x 8 inches and they come in the six matte glazes that are part of the collection’s overall palette. They look great as backsplashes and shower walls, offering a refined simplicity.


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AlysEdwards Half Baked Matte Blocks – Colors


Mesh Mounted Matte Honeycombs

The Matte Honeycombs are 2 inch hex mosaics that come mesh mounted. Perfect for a shower floor, a super fun laundry room or kids’ bathroom floor.


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AlysEdwards Half Baked, Matte Honeycomb Colors


You can also play around with different color combinations when combining the hexes and the Matte Blocks, while a monochromatic design also impresses – like this shower installation below:


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AlysEdwards Half Baked, Matte Blocks, Matte Liners, and Matte Honeycomb in Too Burnt to Bake


Glazed Edge Liners

AlysEdwards finished off the series with gorgeous .5 x 5.75 inch liners. The Gloss Liners are available in all thirteen colors while the Matte Liners are available in the six matte colors.


The Real-World Benefits of AlysEdwards Porcelain Tile

Porcelain is a well-known ceramic material that works well because it’s non-porous, durable and fairly low maintenance. Because of its high-fired strength, the Matte tiles in Half Baked can be used on the floor as a smart option. And once installed, porcelain’s simple cleaning and care requirements make it a time and money saver in the long run.

Furthermore, AlysEwards tiles are stocked in the US. Availability and lead times are consistent, which gives you one less thing to worry about in your project.

There’s no need to wait for the baking timer to tick to zero when you can see the Half Baked collection in our showroom now!


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AlysEdwards Half Baked, Gloss Bars in Whisk Me Away


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AlysEdwards Half Baked, Matte Bars in Too Burnt to Bake

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