Ceramic Tiles with an Artisan Look at Rubble Tile

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Ceramic Tiles with an Artisan Look at Rubble Tile

Many of the most popular and celebrated tile lines we showcase here at Rubble Tile have something in common: they combine the timeless elegance of traditional style with an updated, contemporary feel.

The Studio collection by ADEX USA shines in this regard, with glossy field tiles, framed and beveled tiles, decorative accessories, and finishing touches that work together for a refined, polished end result. The variety in this collection allows you to be creative in combining different shapes to craft a unique design.

With all of the assorted options, the common threads tying the Studio collection together are its glossy yet slightly translucent finish, each tile’s slightly undulated surface, and a hand-glazed feel. These subtle details that are evident in each tile evoke a high-end, luxurious feel.


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All shapes and sizes come in ten nature-inspired colors (except for the hand-painted tiles), with discrete variations in the glaze of each tile. For instance, the darker colors will show more glaze pooling, an effect that is characteristic of hand-glazed tile. This adds to the artisanal feel, especially when combined with the decorative accessory tiles. The finely undulated surface of each tile gives a smooth, naturally flowing appearance, which enhances the overall organic and elegant feel.


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These tiles are rated for residential and commercial use, and they have the versatility to work well in almost any space. They would look great in commercial bathrooms and kitchens, kitchen backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, and outdoor bar/kitchen spaces.


Field Tile

The Studio collection’s field tiles also include framed tiles and trim pieces. The size options for the undulated tiles include a rectangular 3 x 6 inch, 4 x 8 inch, 2 x 8 inch, a square 6 x 6 inch, and a 3 x 3 inch. The 3 x 6 inch and 3 x 3 inch are available as framed tiles, which provide sophisticated detail. The 2 x 8 inch can be used to great effect as a liner, or as a mosaic in a stacked or offset pattern.

The finishing trim pieces and corners allow you to complete your project with no raw edges – designers appreciate the glazed edge options of this collection.


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Beveled Field Tile

The collection’s beveled field tiles are available in three different shapes: Arabesque, Half Arabesque, and Tear Drop. These shapes can work beautifully together to create a repeating pattern. Transitional in style, the beveled options look fabulous in both traditional and more contemporary spaces.


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Decorative Accessories

The collection’s decorative accessories allow you to add exquisite detail to your space that will draw the eye without being overly loud. There are twelve different styles, ranging from relief tiles with intricate mandala-like designs to hand-painted tiles, to simple liners and quarter rounds. Customize your project by using them in tandem with the field tiles.

The hand-painted flower decos, which come in a 6×6 in. square and a 3×6 in. shape, look great as a kitchen, bar, or bathroom backsplash.


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Finishing Touches

The finishing touches include moldings, end caps, and frame corners. These pieces can help bring a look together and add sophisticated craftsmanship to the installation. What’s great about the moldings and end caps in this collection is that they balance the traditional and modern styles, so they can suit a variety of different spaces.


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Artisan Heritage at ADEX USA

One thing we love about this collection is how the artisanal, hand-glazed look of these tiles reflects the history of the company that designed them. ADEX USA, which designs its tiles in Spain, is a family company that’s been designing and producing Spanish artisan tiles for four generations. Their long-running experience and attention to heritage shows in the quality of their products.


Quality Ceramic Tiles at a Budget-Friendly Price Point

An additional benefit to Studio’s beautiful ceramic tiles is their budget-friendly price point—especially considering the elegant end result you’ll get. What’s more, at Rubble Tile, you don’t have to worry about supply chain issues holding back progress on your project. Their tiles are designed in Spain, but are stocked in the U.S., so rest assured that the lead times will be in the range of only 2-3 weeks rather than months and months.

To learn more about the Studio collection from ADEX USA, contact our showroom. We would be happy to show you some samples and consult with you about your project.


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