Handmade Porcelain Inspires with the Artisan Series


Handmade Porcelain Inspires with the Artisan Series

For the end of December, we are reintroducing you to Cosa Marble’s fine collection of handmade porcelain tiles, the Artisan series. This refined collection of versatile crackle tiles is a wonderful resource for any designer’s tool belt.

Jingdezhen: The Mecca For Porcelain

Widely considered the birthplace of porcelain and the porcelain capital of the world, the river town of Jingdezhen in China has been hard at work honing the craft for centuries.

For a long time, Jingdezhen’s works rivaled silk as China’s chief export, appearing in Persian, Mongolian, and French courts. It was here that the Emperor during the Tang Dynasty established his official kiln, and it was from here that Marco Polo brought porcelain back to Europe.

After many years, the town has expanded into a city with a modern rate of production, but its artistic spirit hasn’t wavered at all.

Over time a section of these talented artisans have shifted from making pottery to making tile. Cosa learned of this town and decided it was the perfect place to create their Artisan series.

While the tile is made in the birthplace of porcelain, Cosa stocks the collection at two facilities in the US. So there are minimal supply chain or shipping issues when you select Artisan crackle tiles for your project.


The Artisan Series by Cosa Marble

Handcrafted like other quality products from Cosa, the Artisan series is also hand-glazed to create a crackle finish. The handmade quality creates a desirable and inherent variation in sizing, color, and shade between each tile.

The Artisan Collection at Rubble Tile

These full porcelain clay body tiles are triple fired at extreme heats, enabling them to be used on floors and walls indoors. While crackle glazes are normally not recommended for wet applications such as showers, sealing the glaze makes it viable due to the porcelain bodies of the tiles. After sealing, the Artisan series can be applied to interior and exterior walls, indoor floors, showers, and steam shower walls.

Artisan has 5 colors ranging from warm to cool: Bushwick Green, Gainsboro Gray, Latte, Linen, and Pearl White. The raised foliage deco and the trim pieces such as cornice, pencil, and base show off the pooling glaze in ways that rival far more expensive products. The trim pieces feature stunning architectural flourish as well, and contain both outside corner and finishing pieces.

If you’re envisioning more playful designs, the elongated hexagon and brick sizes are perfect for creating some variety of pattern. If you desire a classic, luxurious design, the mosaics of this series are gorgeous as wall or shower floor options, and both the Linen and Gainsboro Gray mosaics are two-tone.



Because the thickness of Artisan is comparable to some of our handmade custom lines, they can provide accompanying field tile at a wallet-friendly price. Artisan is soft on your budget while maintaining the high end quality that Cosa Marble are legendary for.

If you’re looking for a crackle tile with deep roots, and versatile, neutral glazes, Cosa’s Artisan series is just for you. Visit the Rubble Showroom and contact us today to learn more!



(All Photos Courtesy of Cosa Marble)

Please note that our warehouse/customer service and showroom/offices are at two separate locations, with different hours.