US-Made, Weather-Resistant Porcelain Pavers with Contemporary Elegance


US-Made, Weather-Resistant Porcelain Pavers with Contemporary Elegance

When it comes to outdoor flooring projects, it’s important to balance aesthetics with long-term durability and function. That’s especially true here in Minnesota. Here our super cold winters and hot, humid summers mean that our building materials have to be strong enough to withstand the freeze/thaw effects that can otherwise cause cracks and movements in outdoor installations.

That’s why we love the due2 collection of versatile porcelain paver tiles by Del Conca USA. They’re perfect for creating a modern, elegant outside space that will stand the tests of time and weather.



Combining the Durability of Porcelain with the Aesthetics of a Natural Surface

The 2 cm thick pavers are made of porcelain, which is a highly durable material made from kiln-fired clay. They come in a wood-look or a stone-look that realistically replicates the organic appearance of natural wood or natural stone. But since they’re made of porcelain you don’t have to worry about the high maintenance requirements and budget drawbacks of using wood or stone for you project.



Outdoor Porcelain Pavers with Long-Term Resistance to Wear

There are a few other special features to these pavers that make them ideal for outdoors spaces, including that they’re slip-resistant, impervious to water and frost, and resistant to sudden changes in temperature. They can also bear a lot of mechanical stress, and they won’t fade or change in color with long-term exposure to the sun and weather—they’ll keep looking and functioning as new for a long time.

The spaces between the tiles allow for water drainage, which is helpful when it rains or snows. These features ultimately save you from having to invest time and money into extensive upkeep, while you still get the classic look of an organic surface.

In addition to their superb functionality, these pavers can add a dimension of sophistication to almost any outdoors space. Since they are slip-resistant, even when damp or wet, they would work well around a pool deck.

They would also be great for a raised patio, a terrace, or a garden walkway. And they can be easily installed on sand, gravel, grass, or concrete. Installation on screed makes them highly resistant to loads, so that’s a great option for a space with something heavy, like a fire pit or a hot tub.



Size & Finish Options

The tiles come in a wide range of sizes and seven colors, each available in a wood effect or stone effect finish. Both the wood and the stone effects have a natural look that’s fitting for an outdoors space, and the neutral color palette makes it easy to work with most any décor scheme.

With the stone effect tiles, the 24 x 24 inch squares can be used to create a clean, subtle grid pattern, and you can finish off the trim of a design with the 12 x 24 inch round edge pool coping tiles or step tiles to add a polished, finished touch to your project.

The wood effect tiles come in architecturally sized 16 x 32 inch and 16 x 48 inch rectangles to replicate the classic linear pattern of wood flooring. Del Conca USA also offers interior tiles in corresponding colors and finishes that could be used to coordinate indoor and outdoor décor.



Domestic Manufacturing with Del Conca USA

Del Conca USA’s products are designed in Italy and manufactured in the United States, which is advantageous because the domestic production means that your project won’t get held up by international manufacture and shipping delays, or supply chain issues. It can be a major headache to have to wait on these kinds of hold-ups, so choosing a product that is stocked in the US helps to avoid unnecessary project stress.

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