Stunning handmade, made-to-order relief tiles from Syzygy Tile

handmade ceramic tile

Stunning handmade, made-to-order relief tiles from Syzygy Tile

Handmade, one-of-a-kind tiles add a truly unique and distinctive character to any space. The fine details that are the marks of hand-craftsmanship may be pretty subtle, but they can go far in making a home feel like a home.

Since 1993, Syzygy Tile has been crafting beautiful handmade tile with this in mind. Based in Silver City, New Mexico, Syzygy stands out for its stunning decorative relief tiles, which come in a range of glazes and artisan relief patterns.

This month, we’re excited to share their Sygma collection, which consists of 4 x 4 inch decorative relief tiles with an organic, homey feel.


handmade ceramic relief tiles


Beautiful hand-glazed tile

Like all Syzygy tiles, the tiles in the Sygma collection are hand-glazed, a technique that naturally creates gorgeous pooling on each tile, depending on the relief pattern. Where the glaze pools on a tile determines the concentration of color on the tile surface, so it might be darker or lighter along the edges of the relief pattern.

These kinds of subtle variations in the glaze from tile to tile add depth to the overall design. Just like in nature, it’s the little, unrepeatable details that create character and beauty. We recommend laying out all the tiles before installing to blend the tiles’ different levels of glaze variation —the result will be a nicely flowing, smooth look.


Patterned ceramic tiles minneapolis


Customizable and made-to-order

Not only are Sygma tiles handmade, but they’re also made to order. Each of the ten relief patterns in the Sygma collection is available for order in their full palette of 116 glossy and matte colors, which includes a wide range of earthy, neutral tones that would go well with most any color scheme.

Syzygy also offers field tiles as well as trim and finish tiles, which are also available in their full palette of colors. They come in a wide range of sizes, from 3/8 x 3/8 inch mosaics to 12 x 12 inch field tiles.


geometric patterned tile


You can coordinate Syzygy’s field tiles with the decorative relief tiles to create a feature, like a niche in a shower wall framed by the relief tiles. Or you could create a surface interspersed with eye-catching decorative details.

Elegantly arranged relief tiles can add interest to a kitchen or bathroom backsplash, or can even be used to create an accent wall. The repeating patterns you can engineer with relief tiles make for the kind of calm, peaceful setting that many of us want to evoke in the living room, dining room, bedroom, or bathroom—but without being either too boring or too overwhelming.

With the fully customizable and made-to-order Sygma tiles, you can really get creative in finding a pattern and color scheme that suits your vision for your space.


Unique pattern options

Speaking of repeating patterns, one of the great advantages of the Sygma collection is that you can come up with a variety of patterns depending on how you position the tiles. For instance, the Nebula pattern can be arranged multiple ways, as ween below. Different patterns will catch light and direct the eye in different ways, depending on your design vision and style.



Suitable for all residential spaces

Syzygy tiles are made of ceramic, starting from a red-bodied clay that is kiln-fired at high temperatures. They are rated for use in all residential spaces, including as floor, countertop, and wall tiles, and they can also be used in showers, pools, and fountains. They are frost-proof, so you can use them in exterior as well as interior designs.

With all of Syzygy’s tiles being handmade to order, you can really implement your dream design without having to be constrained by what’s in stock. Syzygy’s tiles are manufactured in the U.S., too, which means that you don’t have to worry about delays caused by supply chain issues.

Nonetheless, with made-to-order products, it’s best to contact us about current lead times. If you’d like to see some samples or consult with us more about this collection, please make an appointment with our showroom today!


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*All Photos Courtesy of Syzygy Tile

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