Sustainable Stone at Rubble Tile: Indonesian Mini Wave & Mini Hex Mosaics

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Sustainable Stone at Rubble Tile: Indonesian Mini Wave & Mini Hex Mosaics

The founders of Zen Paradise, which produces handmade natural stone mosaics, were inspired to start their company during a 1989 surf trip to Indonesia. While traveling from island to island, the vibrant colors and natural beauty of the beachy islands inspired their creative spirit.

They are innovators of using natural, renewable materials in exceptionally designed, durable tile. They were at the forefront of of the pebble mosaic look, and have continued to evolved their concepts.

Now, with the Mini-Wave and Mini-Hex series, they have created their most innovative tile to date.

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Mini Wave – Timor White Detail


Mini Wave – Flat Pebble Mosaics

Zen Paradise has taken their renowned mini pebbles and sliced them into perfectly flat stones. The end result is a pebble tile that has a great amount of texture with a completely flat surface. Mini Wave tiles are a beautiful combination of natural color and texture and modern, industrial design.

Mini Wave can be used to accentuate a kitchen or bathroom backsplash, bathroom floor, shower wall, or shower pan. These captivating tiles are perfect for feature walls, water features, swimming pools and pathways.


Mini Wave – Carrara Marble

The mosaics come in an interlocking pattern, on 12 x 12 inch mesh sheets. The thickness is 1/4 to 3/8 inches. They come in nine different colorways, ranging from neutral whites and greys to striking blues. The surface of these natural stone mosaics has a natural finish – somewhere between tumbled and honed – providing a flowing organic feel.



Mini Hexagon Mosaics Crafted from Blends of Natural Stone

Zen Paradise’s new mini-hexagon tiles use natural stones from throughout Indonesia to create eye catching blends. Individual hexagons are made of onyx, basalt, and marble. These individual hexagon jewels are cut, tumbled and woven into a blanket of beautiful mosaic color.


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Mini Hex Mountain Mix


These mosaics beautify bathroom showers, floors, backsplashes, kitchen backsplashes, and feature walls.

They come on 11 x 11 inch sheets with a thickness of 1/4″ to 3/8″. Individual hexagons are 1.25″ from side to side.


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Mini Hex Colors


The Zen Paradise Sustainable Process

Zen Paradise’s pebble tile mosaics, natural stone tiles, and mosaic tiles are made from hand-collected and hand-carried stones from several tropical locations throughout the Indonesian archipelago.

Large rocks tumble in deep offshore ocean channels and then wash up as pebbles on the beaches when high tides and large waves occur.



Their mosaic stones are made in a sustainable way. They collect the excess waste material that is created by others slicing large slabs of stone from quarries. This hands-on harvesting process is important, not just for guaranteeing beautiful tile, but also for assuring minimal environmental impact by reusing and repurposing materials.



Furthermore, Zen Paradise has focused on sustainability in following tangible ways:

  • They’re pebbles are rapidly and naturally renewable. Though it takes thousands of years for rocks to erode into perfectly shaped, smooth pebbles, new harvests of pebbles literally come in with the tide each day.


  • Other Zen Paradise products, such as the Mini Hex collection, are made from “quarry seconds” that they purchase after mining companies cut huge slabs of rock from quarry walls. They re-use this material that would otherwise become waste.


  • All of their pebbles are handpicked to minimize the impact on the environment, provide local jobs, and to increase long term sustainability.


  • In order to create positive impacts for local communities, they ensure that all workers are of legal age and have healthy working conditions with a living wage.


  • All tiles are made by hand, and they are working to find eco friendly alternatives like hemp to replace the plastic mesh backing.









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Mini Wave – Carrara Marble


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