Stunning glazed ceramic tiles that add shine and brightness to your interior

glossy ceramic brick tiles

Stunning glazed ceramic tiles that add shine and brightness to your interior

This month at Rubble Tile, we’re thrilled to introduce our newest vendor, European Porcelain & Ceramics! Their mission is to introduce fabulous European tile lines to showrooms and designers in the U.S. 

Two exciting glossy tile collections fit the bill, and they’re sure to catch the eye. The California and Highland collections, designed and made in Castillón, Spain, showcase beautiful ceramic wall tiles with a handcrafted appearance and a stunning glaze. These two collections look great in coordination with each other or on their own and are perfect for adding some artisanal charm and brightness to an interior space.




A mother-of-pearl glossy finish

The super-smooth, almost water-like finish of the tiles in the California collection has a mother-of-pearl effect that catches the light and makes interiors feel brighter and more luxurious. One of the reasons why many people are drawn to the classic shine of glazed ceramic tile is that this subtle brightening can also make spaces like powder rooms appear larger.

If you’re looking for a way to highlight the natural light in a room, or to brighten up a room that feels too dark, a wall feature with the California tiles would be a great option. This can add a naturally elegant touch to a room without being too overwhelming, and the versatile color range of this collection can easily compliment most any interior décor scheme.



These 3 x 12 inch rectangular tiles come in five colors, including a classic white, taupe, gray, and two deeper shades of teal and blue.  There is also a trim tile available to create a more polished final look.

You could dress up a bathroom by putting these along the lower half of the walls in a traditional linear pattern, or you could play around with the orientation to create an interesting repeating motif. These smooth, glossy tiles are also very easy to clean — always a plus.




Engraved geometrical tile

The Highland collection features engraved geometrical tiles with a chevron pattern that adds some visual intrigue and texture. These can be used on their own or as a decorative relief to compliment the smooth-finish California tiles.



They come in the same size (3 x 12 inch) and color range as the California collection, making it easy to combine the two. The chevron pattern is precisely engraved on each tile to bring out that artisanal, hand-crafted look as well as a contiguous pattern that flows throughout the whole installation. This can elicit a bespoke feel that works well in transitional spaces and pairs nicely with a modern design interior.

The patterning of Highland also adds a kind of edginess that would be suited to repurposed modern-industrial spaces like lofts and coffee houses.

You could pair them with the California tiles to add some subtle detail to a kitchen backsplash or a bathroom feature. Designers have also found them useful on their own to create accent walls in restaurants, hotels, and other commercial spaces.




Designed in Europe, stocked in the USA

What’s great about European Porcelain & Ceramics is that they bring Europe’s best tile designers’ and manufacturers’ products to the American market. California and Highland are designed and made in Spain, but because they’re stocked in the US, you don’t have to worry about delays from container shipping or supply chain issues.

If you’re interested in seeing samples from these great collections or consulting about your project, we’d love to talk! Set up an appointment with our showroom today.

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