Beautiful Encaustic Cement-Look Tiles from Spain

encaustic cement look tile

Beautiful Encaustic Cement-Look Tiles from Spain

Cement and cement-look tiles have been a trending look in the world of interior design for a while, and for good reason. The geometric and pattern options that you get in encaustic cement tiles can add a bespoke, yet contemporary feel to any space.

What’s more, they can complement a wide range of interior styles, whether you’re looking to add eye-catching visual intrigue to a traditional home, to coordinate with a modern farmhouse theme, or for a modern-industrial living space.

We love the look and design versatility of encaustic cement tile, which is why we’re excited to introduce the new cement-look Cuban collection from European Porcelain & Ceramics. The collection was  designed and made in Spain, and we’re happy to announce that they’re in stock in the US.



The Cuban Collection from European Porcelain & Ceramics

The Cuban collection consists of 9 x 9 inch floor tiles that come in five beautiful patterns, with either silver or white detailing. The Silver Arrow and Cuban Block patterns are perfect for creating a bold geometric design. You could place them on the floor of a study or home office to dress up the space with a contemplative pattern.

The Ornate and Star tiles are available in either silver or white, with intricate, almost vintage-looking details that give the feel of an artsy coffeehouse or an artisanal studio. They would work well to give a commercial space an elegant but homey atmosphere, or in a residential space, on the bedroom or bathroom floor.

Lastly, the Silver Sky tiles result in a beautiful floral pattern that seems to combine the old world and the new, simultaneously classic and modern.


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Versatile Design Possibilities

One thing that’s great about the silver and white color palette is that you can incorporate these unique and intricate patterns into your space without worrying that they might be too overwhelming. And if you aren’t sure about committing to an all-over pattern for your space, you can also use these tiles as an accent or a wall feature, to help create a sense of flow and direction.


encaustic cement tiles



Benefits of porcelain

While the Cuban collection is inspired by and modeled after the look of encaustic or hydraulic cement tile, these tiles are actually porcelain.

There are a few advantages to using cement-look porcelain tile rather than cement tile. With the Cuban collection, you get the authentic appearance and texture of encaustic cement, but at a lower price point and with way fewer long-term maintenance costs.

Actual cement is notoriously high-maintenance and difficult to keep clean, whereas porcelain is a highly durable material, more scratch resistant than cement, and comparatively easier to clean.


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Durable Tiles Suitable for Commercial Spaces

The tiles in the Cuban collection are also stain resistant, frost resistant, and freeze/thaw resistant. Those are especially important considerations to keep in mind when designing a space that’s likely to see a good deal of foot traffic and variable weather.

Because of their durability and beautiful aesthetics, these tiles have been popular in both residential and commercial applications, especially spaces like restaurants, cafés, or stylish hotels. Places where you want to use materials that will stand the test of time while also evoking an elevated elegance and a certain artistic charm.


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Like all of the tile lines we offer at Rubble Tile, European Porcelain & Ceramics products are stocked in the US, which means your project won’t get held up by the supply chain issues that can often be a hassle in the building and design worlds.

Let us know if you’d like to see samples—we’d love to consult with you about your project. Schedule an appointment with our showroom today!


*All photos courtesy of European Porcelain & Ceramics

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