Artworks, By Original Style, Recreates and Modernizes Classic Tile

arts and crafts style ceramic tile

Artworks, By Original Style, Recreates and Modernizes Classic Tile

Artworks was the first tile collection created by Original Style back in 1986. Initially developed as a collection of tile sets for cast iron fireplaces, the series has now grown to incorporate beautiful, hand-glazed wall tiles in different formats from field tiles to brick shapes, hand crafted decorated tiles, a wide array of trim and moldings, and recreated masterpieces inspired by art & architecture from many eras.




Artworks Field Tile Formats

In-house glaze production and hand-glazing ensures the translucence, intensity of color and luxurious reflectivity of Artworks field tiles.

Field Tile (6 x 6 inch)

The archetypal tile shape and size. It comes in 21 glossy colors and coordinates with all of Artworks moldings and the Half Tile. Install it straight or offset.


ceramic subway backsplash tile


Half Tile (3 x 6 inch)

Called ‘subway tile’ here in the US, as tiles this shape appeared in New York City’s subterranean train stations in the early 1900s. It’s also worth mentioning, since Original Style is an English company, tiles this shape have graced London’s underground stations for just as long.


metallic subway tile minneapolis


The Half Tile is available in all the glossy glaze colors. It’s also available in two satin finishes along with shimmering metallic Gold and Platinum. It’s incredibly versatile as it can be installed in many different layouts, and it coordinates with the field tile and all the moldings.


elongated brick ceramic tiles


Large Brick (3 x 9 inch)

Available in nine gloss colors. The elongated brick is a popular shape for the same reason as the half tile – it works in different layouts and it’s a classic shape. Laid horizontally it can make a room feel wider, placed vertically it makes a wall appear higher, while the herringbone pattern is a true classic.


bevelled backsplash tile


Metro (3 x 6 inch) and Metro Finishing Piece (3 x 3 inch)

Still popular in today’s contemporary living spaces, beveled tiles like these have been used in the Paris Metro since 1903. They typify its iconic Art Nouveau style, and are versatile enough for modern or transitional spaces.

The Finishing Piece or corner can be used as a design component and also to ensure neat edges and minimal cutting.


handmade ceramic tile moldings


Coordinating Moldings

Original Style’s amazing variety of useful moldings and trim accentuates the beauty of the Artworks glaze color palette. Use them in combination with any of the field tile shapes to create your perfect scheme, and be sure to ask us about all the finishing options available.

Floor Mosaics

classic bathroom floor mosaic

There are so many different options for teaming floor tiles with Artworks: Victorian flooring in traditional designs and colors, Odyssey patterns, stone and wood-effect porcelain tiles from our stone-look collections, and natural stone.

These beautiful mosaic floor tiles are an attractive choice and a practical solution for bathrooms and especially for smallish spaces. They’re available in eight different options, including basketweave, honeycomb, penny rounds, and the classic octagon with dot.




Artworks Decorative Tiles

Although inspiration for Artworks decorative tiles can be traced back to art and architecture from the past, the designs, patterns and colors still look fresh and distinctive for 21st century interiors. You can recreate classic styles or give tradition a twist for a contemporary look.


hand-painted relief tiles


Artworks decorative tiles include borders, inserts, relief tiles, and recreations of famous works of art. The decorative options are vast. We’d like to feature some of our favorites ranging from classic to modern and everything in between.


The distinctive illustrations of Alphonse Mucha are perhaps the best representation of the Art Nouveau movement. It swept through the fields decorative arts and architecture in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, throughout Europe and beyond.

Inspiration came from the natural world of flowers, plants, birds and insects which were highly stylized.

Mucha’s posters and illustrations include motifs such as flowers, sinuous floral stems and romantic female figures with flowing hair.


art nouveau style tiles


Original style has reproduced some of his fine designs on tile panels with coordinating borders and individual tiles so you can bring the opulent, yet bohemian, Art Nouveau style into your bathroom.


The Hand-Painted Victorian Look

Elegant hand-decorated tiles coordinate with the field tile and moldings options. The designs are typically Victorian and can be used to add those decorative finishing touches that make a space pop.


hand-painted ceramic tile borders


Mackintosh Style 

By the end of the 19th Century the Glasgow School of Art was one of the leading academies in Europe and at the very heart of this success was the talented artist and architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh. His Glasgow Rose is the inspiration for our three-tile set and it evokes the essence of his distinctive style.


mackintosh style ceramic wall tile


Art Deco Style

Art Deco was one of the most celebrated design movements of the 20th century. Bold, daring and modernist, the clean lines and precise symmetry of the now-classic style are still loved today.


art deco ceramic tile bathroom

Designers of the day created the eclectic style from influences such as avant garde art, urban imagery of the exciting new machine age, stylised geometric patterns and recently discovered ancient Egyptian treasures.


Fabergé Collection

The legendary Fabergé Easter eggs were the creation of Carl Fabergé, goldsmith to the Imperial Crown of Russia until 1917. Fabergé and his company were commissioned to create sumptuous eggs and other intricate jewellery and gifts.


unique decorative tile


Elements such as fleur de lis, wreaths and crowns were frequently used in his objects d’art. The Artworks Fabergé Collection was inspired by his creations, echoing their classic elements.

We like to think each Artworks tile is a small work of art in its own right, to be admired for its depth of color, shape, size or style. The inspiration and background behind some of the collection comes from as far back as ancient Greek or Roman architecture, to the decorative arts of the Victorians and Edwardians, and well-known artists from different eras.

We invite you to contact our showroom to make a tile consultation appointment, inquire about samples and pricing, or to learn more about this impressive and exciting collection.


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