Stone-Look Porcelain Tile with Timeworn Elegance, Made & Stocked in the US

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Stone-Look Porcelain Tile with Timeworn Elegance, Made & Stocked in the US

More than 40 years ago, Del Conca began making beautifully designed porcelain tile in Italy. They have been recognized as an industry leader in innovation, design and quality in Europe ever since.

And when demand for their designs flourished in the US, they opened a new tile manufacturing facility near Knoxville, Tennessee in 2014. Since then Del Conca USA has been making and stocking Italian-designed porcelain tile domestically, now producing over 18 million sq. ft. of well-loved tile every year.

At Rubble Tile, we strive to offer tile collections that are stocked in the US and available within a two or three week lead time. Del Conca USA fits the bill perfectly, providing Italian designs without any of the supply chain or worldwide shipping issues other manufacturers are still dealing with.

Two of Del Conca USA’s stone-look porcelain tile collections on display at Rubble, Neopolis, and West 57th, are inspired by architectural marvels from past and present. While these collections differ slightly in look and feel, they both possess a timeworn finish that works exquisitely in both modern and more traditional spaces.




Neopolis:  A Superb Transitional Porcelain Tile Option

Neopolis is a versatile collection that looks great in both traditional and contemporary projects. It’s wall and floor rated, so these tiles will stand the test of time in residential and commercial areas.




Inspired by The Marble Architecture of Ancient Greece

Del Conca USA designed Neopolis with the structures of ancient Greece in mind – the timeworn marble aesthetic lends a warmth and sophistication to any space.

The realistic marble quality of these tiles is evident in the weathered striations, which combined with a moderate level of color variation, infuse this collection with stunning natural beauty.




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The Neopolis Collection

Neapolis is a collection complete with modular field tile options with complimenting mosaics and bullnose. The field tile is available in standard 12×12 inch and 12 x 24 inch sizes.

This series also includes a more architecturally-sized 24 x 24 inch option, as well as a useful and fun 4×12.  For larger spaces like hotel or office building lobby floors, Neopolis invites a plethora of pattern options.


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The two mosaic selections in this collection allow you to mix sizes and shapes without having to use multiple tile lines. The 1×1 inch mosaic is great for shower floors or backsplashes, while the innovative and geometrical Capri mosaic is a nice change of pace for walls or floors.


West 57th St – NYC

West 57th – Another Transitional Stone-Look Porcelain Collection

Designed in Italy Made in the USA, this collection takes its inspiration from the limestone and marble buildings along West 57th in Manhattan.

Like Neopolis, West 57th is very versatile, with some modern accoutrements that make it stand out from the crowd.


The West 57th Collection

West 57th comes in five pleasant colors, with field tile sizes of 12×12 inch, 12×24 inch, and 16×32 inch. This collection includes a bullnose and cove base for both residential and commercial projects, with the 16×32 inch option especially appealing in large commercial or public spaces.


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The mosaic option in this collection is 1×4 inches, conveniently mesh mounted on 12 x 12 inch sheets. You can install them stacked or in an offset brick pattern, perfect for bathrooms and kitchen backsplashes.


del conca usa-stone-look-porcelain


The modern flair of West 57th is on full display with the 12×24 inch brick, which adds a modern bespoke striping to the tile. Contemporary spaces like restaurants and retail environments have used this look to great effect.


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