Modern, Relief-Style Spanish Ceramic Tile In-Stock in the US

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Modern, Relief-Style Spanish Ceramic Tile In-Stock in the US

There’s just something cool about Spanish tile. We envision terra cotta clay that dates back centuries, and also tiles with colorful hand-painted patterns. These are truly beautiful and classic. But beyond traditional and historical tile design styles, contemporary Spanish designers are also producing ceramic tile that works in a wider variety of projects.

Our newest vendor, European Porcelain & Ceramics, keeps a keen eye on the tiles and trends coming out of Europe, including Spain. They stock in the US, so lead times are consistent and reliable. One such Spanish tile line, BEAT, features a relief technique that takes a traditional tile design and pushes it in a modern direction.

cool modern colorful ceramic tile


colorful modern ceramic tile


BEAT is a collection that creates soothing, restful settings where you immediately feel at one with your surroundings. Its attractive, rounded relief pattern illicites a strong sensory appeal that radiates tranquillity and wellbeing. All of the colors have a soft, matte, monochrome finish that brings a relaxing feel to modern living spaces.

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BEAT comes in a nominal 8 x 16 inch size format in a selection of trendsetting colors that can be mixed and matched in multiple different ways. This highly versatile collection comes in a choice of three neutrals (White, Silver and Anthracite) and three more striking hues (Clay, Blue and Green).

With BEAT you can design your layout horizontally or vertically, and create different patterns and flows based on the placement of tiles.

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restaurant tile ideas

Anthracite and Silver

BEAT is a great option for commercial projects as well, adding a sophisticated, stylish touch to contemporary spaces like cafés, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and spas.

Contact us to schedule a visit, see some samples, and get more information on our newest Spanish tile line.


unique modern tile


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