New Spanish Tile Collection with Timeworn Elegance

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New Spanish Tile Collection with Timeworn Elegance

At Rubble Tile, we’re always on the lookout for new tile makers and tile distributors whose collections excite our design senses and help us stay ahead of tile trends. Our newest vendor, Interior Surfaces Group (ISG), fits the bill perfectly.

They stock gorgeous tile collections from Spain, Italy, and Morocco in their Atlanta facility, so lead times are consistent and reliable.

Two of our favorite ISG collections, Lilya and Flora, share the look and feel of timeworn tiles you’d traditionally see when visiting the Mediterranean regions of Spain. From the cafés and flamenco bars of Sevilla, to the funky hotels and clubs of old Barcelona, you see tiles with hand-painted patterns or encaustic designs that provide a distinct and stylish touch.


hand-painted cement tiles

Flora Jardin


With Lilya and Flora, you can have the distinctive artistry and warmth of Spanish tiles in your own project. Although fairly streamlined in their offerings, both collections are quite versatile and work in a variety of spaces from boho-style to transitional, to modern farmhouse.


The Flora Collection

Flora’s porcelain tiles evoke the warm, patina’d look of hand-painted Spanish terracotta or cement. Available in 8.5 in. x 8.5 in. squares, the collection offers four nature-inspired colorways in a sophisticated-yet-subtle floral pattern, including Bark, Cypress, Lapis, and the Jardin blend.



Flora also includes a neutral field tile, Urbino Natural. Like the patterned versions, the weathered aesthetic is authentic down to the smallest details. You can see fine cracks like you’d see in cement tiles over time, and almost a crazing on the tiles’ surfaces that can occur with glazed terracotta.


neutral timeworn tile

Urbino Natural


As a porcelain, Flora provides durability that you do not get with cement or terracotta tiles. You can use them on the floor or wall, which gives you design flexibility to mix and match neutral field tile with the patterned options.


The Lilya Collection

The Lilya collection shares a warm, timeworn look with Flora. But Lilya’s patterns and style have the feel of encaustic cement tile, which is very on trend. Taking it a step further, Lilya’s eye-popping patterned tiles and field tile come in 8 in. x 9 in. porcelain hexagons. Its three colorways, Blue, Cotto, and Taupe, along with a neutral field hex, are more than enough to create a pop of pattern and a dash of style for your project.


spanish hexagon tiles

White (Floor) and Blue Hex


Lilya works on the wall and floor, so it’s a great selection for residential kitchen floors and backsplashes, entryways, and anywhere else in the home. And because it’s porcelain, it can go in high traffic areas and commercial spaces as well.


Taupe (Floor), White (Walls)


We invite you to make an appointment to view these fun tiles on display, or contact our showroom to learn more about our newest Spanish tile collections.

Please note that our warehouse/customer service and showroom/offices are at two separate locations, with different hours.