Handmade, Hand-Glazed Ceramic Artistry At Rubble Tile

handmade ceramic backsplash tile

Handmade, Hand-Glazed Ceramic Artistry At Rubble Tile

At Rubble Tile, some of our most unique selections happen to be handmade ceramic tile. This month we’re thrilled to feature one of those collections – Rok Candy, by the tile mavens at AlysEdwards Tile & Stone.

Inspired by Earth’s natural healers, Rok Candy is an organic collection of artistically designed terra cotta tiles. The hand-pressed, hand-glazed tiles are full of natural variations and imperfections that make each tile unique.



Hand-Pressed, Hand-Glazed Terra Tile

Rok Candy features relief-style, patterned tiles that add a layer of depth and texture to you space. The raw tiles are hand-pressed into molds, forming random hills and valleys. Then the clay is fired in the kiln, becoming terra cotta. Next, the glaze is hand-sprayed onto the textured bisque and fired again creating a sugared crystal effect giving depth, and in some cases, a crackle element to each color.


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Going Topaz On You – Gloss


In terms of applications, Rok Candy tiles work on any commercial or residential interior walls, including showers. They’re refined and artistic as a powder room option, and a definite statement backsplash in the kitchen or bath.

Because the hand-glazing process creates desirable variation in the tiles, it’s necessary to do a mock layout, blending tiles from the various boxes. Each time a kiln is fired, environmental and atmospheric conditions are different, even if only a miniscule amount. These differences, along with how the glaze is sprayed, intentionally produce the variation and organic flow that adds to the collection’s panache.


Rok Candy at Rubble Tile

 Rok Candy comes in versatile 6x6s that can support many design styles, with a mixture of glossy and matte finishes. The earth-inspired, serene color palette is as functional as it is appealing. And staying true to their irreverent style AlysEdwards is known for, glaze color names include selections like But of Quartz, A Clean Slate, Don’t Be Jaded, and You’re on Sapphire.


handmade ceramic tile colors

Rok Candy Color Palette


You’re on Sapphire – Gloss


Matching 1/2 in. x 6 in. liners provide a further decorative option, useful for bathrooms and other spaces that require a finishing piece.



Like most of our tile collections, Rok is in stock in US. It’s nice to have reliable lead times for a handmade product with this kind of artistry on display, both for your project and for your peace of mind.

We invite you to make an appointment to view this unique collection at our showroom, or contact us to learn more, get pricing, and inquire about samples.

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*All photos courtesy of AlysEdwards


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