Modern Design Meets Old-World Charm & Durability at Rubble Tile

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Modern Design Meets Old-World Charm & Durability at Rubble Tile

One of the most versatile stones to ever be unearthed, slate has been an essential building material for centuries. Featuring a range of nature’s colors and low water absorption, civilizations worldwide embraced slate not only as an incredibly durable roofing and flooring material, but also as a versatile component of everything from chalkboards to pool tables.


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Grey Matte


Today, the look of slate has been reimagined by the award-winning design team at Mediterranea, in a porcelain tile series that upholds slate’s tradition of durability and resilience. Modern Slate series is designed as a new twist on a classic stone; just what designers need to put the finishing touch on both interior and exterior surfaces.


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Modern Slate Porcelain Collection on Display at Rubble Tile

Modern Slate is available in both 12” x 24” and the extra-large 24” x 48” size – a format ideal for maximizing design potential, while minimizing grout joints.

As a rectified tile, Modern Slate can be installed with joints assmall as 1/8” throughout the project.

Five designer colors are available with the series: Ivory, Charcoal, Grey, Taupe and Noce (Chocolate).

This brilliant range gives designers a range of options when contemplating color layouts and possibilities.

For maximum versatility, Modern Slate is also available in two finishes. The matte finish is ideal for interior installations, while a special Anti-Slip finish is available in the 12” x 24” format, making it perfect for exterior floors, and areas subject to water exposure.

Modern Slate offers 2×2 inch mosaics in each color as well, expanding the application possibilities to include bathroom and shower floors, and other wet areas where anti-slip needs require more grout lines.

Matching bullnose and mosaic trim round out the collection.

This combination of finishes makes Modern Slate a superb choice when seeking a unified look for all areas of the home or commercial project.


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Porcelain Tile Designed in Italy, Made in the USA

Modern Slate, like all of Mediterranea’s well-loved collections, boasts Italian design and craftsmanship, yet is made and stocked in the US. Not only does that provide lower shipping and handling costs, it makes for reliable lead times for your project’s schedule. That comes in huge when you’re dealing with certain commercial or public projects.

Contact us to learn more about this versatile and functional tile series that combines modern design sensibilities with an ancient, durable, and gorgeous natural material.


*All photos courtesy of Mediterranea

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