Introducing Handmade Porcelain Tiles with a Gorgeous Crackle Glaze

crackle porcelain mosaics

Introducing Handmade Porcelain Tiles with a Gorgeous Crackle Glaze

To bring in the New Year, we’re thrilled to feature a versatile, handmade tile with a crackle glaze. Brought to you by Cosa Marble, a distributor who has been producing and supplying sophisticated, design-forward marble and stone tile designs since 1988.

They’re less well known for their Handmade Porcelain line, but the sheer functionality of the collection’s various field sizes, moldings, and decorative mosaics makes it an exciting resource for designers and homeowners alike. And when you add in the artistry, design style and crackle glaze, the Handmade Porcelain collection is a must-see.


crackle tile for bathrooms

Ripple Pattern, Gainsboro Gray, Floor


A Unique Crackle Glaze Tile

What makes the Handmade Porcelain collection singularly unique is that the field tiles, mosaics, pattern tiles and moldings are all suitable for wet areas like shower floors and walls. Many crackle glaze tiles aren’t recommended for showers due to the possibility of moisture getting into the miniscule cracks from the crazing that occurs with crackle glazes.

Because this collection is porcelain, and the tiles were cooked in the kiln at super hi temps, this is one crackle glaze you can rest assured will last the test of time in any interior application.

The handmade quality of the tiles and glazes create a natural variation in shade and tone of each tile, producing a desirable organic, natural flow and feel when installed properly. As with all products containing natural variation, be sure to lay the tiles out and blend them before installation.


The Handmade Porcelain Collection at Rubble Tile


The collection features 5 glaze colors, Bushick Green, Gainsboro Gray, Latte, Linen, and Pearl White. All  colors are double fired in the kiln to produce a crackle glaze for all the field sizes, the moldings, the decos, and the patterns.


The color palette is neutral and soft enough to blend well with other color selections and finishes, yet they’re luxurious enough to turn heads in any room. Be sure to talk to your showroom consultant, since not every color comes in every size, shape or pattern.


crackle glaze ceramic subway tile twin cities

Handmade Porcelain Collection Color Palette


Field Tile Sizes

elongated hex ceramic tile

All of the glaze colors come in a classic 3 x 6 inch subway tile, an elongated 3 x 12 inch, and a modern, unique 2 x 9 inch size. A compatible 2 x 9 inch Foliage deco is also available in all colors, which adds a decorative touch for a border or a feature.

The Gainsboro Gray and Pearl White glazes additionally offer a 4 x 8 inch elongated hex field tile – a fun, modern spin on the classic hex shape.



The Handmade Porcelain collection is a great tool in the tool belt for designers who need a variety of finishing pieces for their project – especially useful for bathroom design. Each glaze color has ten different moldings to select from, including bases, cornices, pencil liners and trim caps, complete with corner pieces.


crackle ceramic tile moldings

Handmade Porcelain Moldings – Shown in Latte


Floor and Wall Patterns

A total of five different patterns are available, ranging in style from modern to classic. All are applicable on the floor or wall, including in wet areas (as mentioned above). The Aspen pattern is an organic, intricate mosaic available in the Gray and White glazes. The Stella pattern displays artistic whimsey inspired by modern Spanish design, while Gingham and Honeycomb are an homage to more classic styles like art deco and Victorian.


crackle glaze unique tile minneapolis

Stella Pattern in Bushwick Green


crackle ceramic mosaics

Aspen Mosaic in Pearl White


We invite you to schedule a tile consultation appointment to see our display, or contact our showroom to learn more about this unique crackle collection.




Please note that our warehouse/customer service and showroom/offices are at two separate locations, with different hours.