New Product Spotlight: Spanish Porcelain Planks and Hexes at Rubble Tile

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New Product Spotlight: Spanish Porcelain Planks and Hexes at Rubble Tile

Two of our favorite tile shapes to work with at Rubble Tile are planks and hexes, so our newest stone-look porcelain collection is quite a treat! The classic, always on-trend nature of tile planks and hexes makes them a fun choice for both traditional and more contemporary spaces.


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Now our newest vendor, Interior Surfaces Group, has introduced Dortmond & Essen. Designed and manufactured in Spain, the collection uses classic Italian marbles as inspiration while adding a contemporary twist.


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Dortmond Plank



Dortmond & Essen Shapes & Colors

This luxurious porcelain collection comes in 8 x 10 in. hexes and 4 x 20 in. planks. The Nero Marquina hexes are an unbelievably realistic facsimile of the actual Italian marble, from the natural imperfections down to the random veining. The Dortmond Hex and Dortmond Plank are beautifully designed classic marble inspired by Calacatta.


nero marquina black hexagon tile minneapolis

Nero Marquina Hex


affordable white marble hexagon tile

Dortmond Hex


bespoke vintage hex tile

Essen Hex


The Essen Hex is the more contemporary element of the Dortmond collection. By itself it’s a bespoke style look with an edge. When combined with the Dortmond hex, it’s purpose comes to life as a modern and refined black and white concentric hexagonal pattern.

It’s a look suitable for modern or minimalist rooms, but also makes a nice departure from monochrome that works for transitional spaces in residential or commercial projects.


Dortmond & Essen Hexes


While Dortmond & Essen offers the same classic luxury of Italian marble, it’s a much lower-maintenance selection because it’s porcelain. That also lowers the price point, and gives you a more durable floor option that works for commercial areas and residences.

In addition, these Spanish tiles are stocked in the US for consistent lead times and shorter waits.



Don’t hesitate to make an appointment to come see our showroom display and samples, or contact us for more information on this trending new collection.

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