Rubble Tile’s Trending Concrete-Look Porcelain Collection, Core

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Rubble Tile’s Trending Concrete-Look Porcelain Collection, Core

The natural world is full of beauty that inspires tile artisans to create the designs we’ve all come to love. But sometimes, great inspiration can come from humankind itself. The things we create can be just as beautiful as what came before us, from ancient materials to modern day innovations. Now Milestone has created a porcelain tile with the trending look of concrete for their newest collection, Core.


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Trending Cement and Concrete Look in a Porcelain Tile Design

If you’re in a developed area, concrete is omnipresent. It’s beneath our feet, it’s within our vision – it’s so commonplace we don’t think much about it at all. But there’s an organic simplicity created by its main component, cement, that can be visually absorbing.

Core takes the natural look of cement and applies it to porcelain tile for a neo-industrial style that pays homage to modern cities. With this collection, Milestone incorporates flowing design elements that make concrete one of the world’s most widely used building materials.


The Advantages of Porcelain vs. Concrete

While concrete is an everyday constant, it’s a material with plenty of natural variation. Concrete is porous and patinas over time, making it difficult to maintain a “like new” look. More importantly, the concrete industry heavily contributes to the production of carbon dioxide, one of the many greenhouse gases flooding our planet. Milestone is doing it’s part by producing low-VOC porcelain with the aesthetics of cement.

Additionally, Core is made of 40% recycled content and locally sourced, organic materials. The tiles contain no VOCs, PVC, or Formaldehyde, unlike other common flooring options. On top of that, this porcelain is durable, low maintenance, and budget friendly. Core is frost resistant, slip resistant, tough to crack and easy to clean. It’s superior to concrete tile both in terms of upkeep and in affordability, making this collection a perfect fit for your upcoming projects.


The Core Collection at Rubble Tile

The tile in this series comes in White, Light Grey, Dark Grey, and Beige. The sizes include 12×24 and a 2×2 mosaic mesh mounted on a 12 x 12 sheet. The minimalist color scheme and the two shape options give designers plenty of leeway when it comes to setting up installations as they please.


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When in a city, concrete seems to be everywhere you look. However, Milestone’s Core porcelain tile is built to last, and designed with beauty in mind. It’s perfect for lofts, kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, or any number of commercial projects.

If you’re looking to use the organic feel and aesthetic of cement and concrete in your project, Core is the collection for you. Contact the Rubble Tile Showroom today to learn more!


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