Versatile & Sustainable European Porcelain Collection at Rubble Tile

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Versatile & Sustainable European Porcelain Collection at Rubble Tile

Versatility is a valuable quality for a tile collection. For some projects, designers need options without having to pull products from different collections or different manufacturers.

With the Global Collection, the Dutch tilemakers at Mosa have designed a porcelain tile series with the colors, sizes, shapes, textures, and trim pieces to give you the kind of freedom you’re looking for.

The tiles in the Global Collection series are suitable for indoor and outdoor use on walls, floors and terraces. They are available with different finishes, and with the perfect anti-slip profile to suit any room.


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The Global Collection is an integrated tile series that encompasses functionality, aesthetics, sustainability, and budget. All of the wall and floor tiles are fully modular, allowing you to mix and match sizes with precision.

The collection offers a wide selection of complementary colors, sizes, anti-slip tiles, accessories, and functional extras such as stair tiles and tactile floor and wall tiles. Selecting this series gives you the freedom to design simple yet striking patterns for both walls and floors. They’re commercial-grade tiles that also work well in residential spaces.


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Coordinated Colors & Color Combinations

Mosa’s Global Collection consist of wall tiles in a palette of over forty colors and six shades of white. The tiles are available in a luxurious gloss and a silk matte, which is nice when you’re looking for a less reflective surface.

In addition, there are eighteen selected colors of floor tiles in either a plain design or a fine or coarse speckled look. The wall tiles and floor tiles are available in identical colors. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use on walls, floors, and terraces. 





Modular Square and Brick Porcelain Tile Sizes

The Global Collection tiles are available in a range of square and brick sizes. The wall tiles come in the following sizes:

  • 4×4 in.
  • 4×8 in.
  • 6×6 in.
  • 4×12 in.
  • 6×12 in.
  • 12×12 in.

The anti-slip floor tiles are available in 4×4, 6×6, and a 12×12 inch size.  Since not all colors are available in all sizes, be sure to check with our showroom staff to find out which colors are available in each size.


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Anti-slip Tile Surface Options

The anti-slip relief tiles in this collection – also referred to as “Globalgrip” – are ideal for use in heavily trafficked areas. The TS, WS, and XS relief tile are perfect for spaces like building lobbies, public restrooms, and commercial kitchens. The course, speckled AS relief tiles are suitable for rooms and applications in which greater anti-slip properties are required, such as showers and swimming pool surrounds.


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Global Collection Trim Options & Finishing Pieces

In addition to wall and floor tiles, Global Collection offers matching trims for your shower, as well as edge and corner finishes, skirting boards, stair treads, and specific tactile floor and wall tiles.


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Patterns and Mosa’s Pattern Generator

Because of the Global Collection’s modular sizing and complimentary glaze colors, you can use Mosa’s pre-designed patterns or create your own patterns using the variety of sizes and shapes in the collection.




Mosa’s Pattern Generator is a fabulous resource for designing classic, unique, or one-of-a-kind patterns and color blends.


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Sustainable Tile for Your Project

Sustainability is one of the main pillars of Mosa, and the Global Collection is no exception. These tiles are made of the purest materials in a sustainable design and production process, and Cradle to Cradle® Gold certified.

At Rubble tile, it’s important to offer tile products that are environmentally friendly, and that help reduce your project’s carbon footprint.





Made in Europe, In-Stock in the US

Like many of our products, the tiles in the Global Collection are designed in Europe, and stocked in the US. With plenty of stock domestically, you’ll get consistent lead times and reliable scheduling for your projects; a worry-free experience from start to finish.


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Contact the Rubble Tile showroom to learn more about this versatile and integrated series, or to schedule a tile consultation. We’d love to work with you on your upcoming project.


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