Porcelain Tile Inspired by the Rocky Veining and Shade Variation of Natural Slate

Porcelain Tile Inspired by the Rocky Veining and Shade Variation of Natural Slate

Tradition and modernity tell a timeless tale in the use of stone, with its natural relief texture, in design applications of all styles. Ragno USA’s stone-look porcelain collection, Absolute Slate, recreates some of nature’s most beautiful surface patterns using rocky veining and organic shade variation. And it’s on display at the Rubble Tile showroom.


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Absolute Slate Collection at Rubble Tile – Sizes, Shapes & Colors

Absolute Slate’s extremely natural appearance combines with its outstanding technical performances for a versatile transformation of interiors.

The collection comes in three neutral colors, Black, Grey, and White, that each contain the kind of shade variation and veining that make stone tile so beautiful. The random-by-design patterning results in a flow that is both visually and texturally appealing.


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Each color comes with a natural finish, in a nominal 12 x 24 inch field size with rectified edges. It can be installed on floors in different patterns to enhance a space’s inner dynamism, creating installation options that range from hotel or restaurant interiors to residential condos. The durability of porcelain allows you to select it for any project, even with extremely high traffic levels.


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Absolute Slate also provides a 1 x 1 inch mosaic mounted on square foot sheets, and a sheet-mounted Freccia mosaic – both mosaics are available in each color and complement the field tile perfectly in bathrooms, kitchens and bar areas.

The Freccia mosaic, with its fractured motif, breaks matter down into countless small pieces, accentuating sequences that run in opposite directions, a characterful finishing touch to any design scheme.



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Rectified Porcelain Stone-Look Tile

We’re big advocates of the benefits of selecting porcelain tile for your next tile project. Whether we’re talking about porcelain’s durability, low maintenance requirements, or its resistance to staining, to cold, water and heat, there are many advantages. Absolute Slate take it to a higher level by offering rectified edges.

The primary benefit of choosing rectified tiles is uniformity. The tiles have been cut at exact right angles so precisely that they can be installed with as little as a 1.5mm grout line.

A less obvious advantage of rectified tiles? Easier to clean and more hygienic. When you have less grout, that’s less surface area to collect dirt, dust, bacteria or mold between cleanings.


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We invite you to schedule a consultation or contact our showroom for samples, pricing, or more information on this striking new stone-look collection. 


Take a look at Ragno USA’s Absolute Slate video:



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