Italian-Designed Stoneware Tile Collection Features the Natural Flow of Cross-cut Travertine

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Italian-Designed Stoneware Tile Collection Features the Natural Flow of Cross-cut Travertine

Cross-cut travertine is the inspiration for one of our favorite porcelain stoneware collections, Stoneline. The ancient sedimentary stone contains layers and swirls of amalgamated rock materials that create wavy streaks of veining and stratification formed over time. When cross-cut to purposefully feature the less uniform aspect of travertine, the resulting stone face creates a harmonious, elegant texture and flow.


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Although it’s stocked in the US, Stoneline was designed in Italy by renowned tile makers, Ragno. The collection’s delicate colors and highly detailed surface patterns make it versatile and suitable for traditional or contemporary styles, especially when paired with different materials like colored elements and wood.


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The Stoneline Collection at Rubble Tile

The collection consists of rectified tiles in two sizes, four colors, and two finishes. The palette of Beige, Dark Grey, Light Grey, and White, is neutral enough to use with most colors and materials. At the same time the natural variations in each color’s shade and texture are featured in incredibly organic detail.


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The Natural finish has a matte look and feel, while the Linear finish has the same effect as a brushed stone tile, where lines etched into the stone create a stylish pattern that works both horizontally and vertically.

The Natural finish comes in 12 x 24 inch and the architectural 24 x 48 inch sizes, allowing for modular pattern designs that work well in larger commercial spaces. The Linear finish comes in the smaller 12 x 24 inch size.


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Rectified Stone-Look Porcelain Tile

The edges of Stoneline tiles are rectified, meaning the 90 degree edges are cut to an exact measurement. The benefits for many designers and homeowners are tighter grout lines and a cleaner overall look, making Stoneline an intriguing selection for contemporary residential and commercial projects. High-fired porcelain is a hard enough material to create rectified tiles, something that the much softer natural travertine can’t facilitate.


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Advantages of Porcelain Tile

Natural travertine, either vein-cut or cross-cut, is a gorgeous stone that creates a warm and organic flow to most any space. At the same time, natural stone tiles are notoriously vulnerable to scratching and staining from oils, acids, and even hard water. Meanwhile porcelain is flood and fire resistant, and quite durable for heavy foot traffic that could scratch softer marbles and travertines.

Porcelain stoneware tiles also require less maintenance, are easier to keep clean, and are budget friendly to fit into your project’s scope.







The Stoneline travertine-look porcelain series is on display – don’t hesitate make an appointment to learn more about Stoneline, or contact us for pricing, samples, and more information.

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