New Spanish Cement-Style Porcelain Collection at Rubble Tile

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New Spanish Cement-Style Porcelain Collection at Rubble Tile

Cement and encaustic tiles with a handmade look have been on trend for years, and now we’re excited to introduce our newest encaustic-style collection, Marlow. This new series combines the organic, somewhat rustic feel of encaustic cement tiles with the strength and durability of kiln-fired porcelain.

It’s designed and produced in Spain, where you can find encaustic tiles new and old in many Spanish Mediterranean homes and buildings. It’s stocked in Atlanta and distributed by our vendor, Interior Surfaces Group, who bring gorgeous tile collections from Spain, Italy and Morocco to the U.S. market.


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Encaustic Cement Tiles Vs. Encaustic Porcelain Tiles

Encaustic cement tiles, when compared with porcelain versions, have a more artisan style and rustic look – many times brought on by the natural patina that happens over time and/or some chipping and cracking. Marlow’s porcelain tiles were designed with that in mind, and so feature a time-worn appearance in the glaze. It adds an organic, warm feel that cozies up a space.

In addition to being less durable, cement tile is less budget friendly, can easily stain or sustain damage from harsh chemicals, and is heavy enough to make the shipping substantially more expensive. The installation process is more demanding and time consuming as well vs. porcelain tile, requiring sealing before grouting (and sealing the grout after!).

On the other hand, glazed porcelain is probably the most stain-resistant option out there for tile, or any wall or flooring product in general. Porcelain tile is also resistant to flooding and fire, is easy to maintain, and won’t patina more over time. The beauty of Marlow is that they designed the collection with that time-worn, patina’d aesthetic people love.



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True Turquoise


The Marlow Collection At Rubble Tile

The collection of 4.5 inch x 4.5 inch Spanish tiles comes in five warm field tile colors: Black Oasis, Blue Bayou, Seafoam Green, True Turquoise, and White Whale. The tiles were designed to show the natural color variations that occur in cement tile making, and to underscore the time-worn quality that makes spaces inviting and comfortable.

Marlow also features five patterns with a hand-painted feel that work quite well in conjunction with the five field colors.

The tiles’ random imperfections, most easily visible on the field tile surfaces, mimic the natural aging of cement tile with unbelievable accuracy. This makes each tile feel one of a kind, yet you can use these tiles on the floor or wall with worrying about maintenance issues or durability.

Furthermore, the price point makes it a fun selection for places where you wouldn’t use cement tiles, like laundry rooms or mud rooms, where designers and homeowners sometimes like to go a little outside of the standard look but still need durable flooring and low maintenance wall covering.

You can also use it in wet areas like showers and bathroom floors, which makes it a versatile option for field tile and for patterns.



We invite you to schedule a tile consultation and come view Marlow on display, or contact us to find out about pricing, samples, and lead times for this stylish Spanish tile collection.


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Blue Bayou

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Carolina + White Whale

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