Discover Zellige: The Timeless Beauty of Moroccan Hand-Cut Terracotta Tiles

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Discover Zellige: The Timeless Beauty of Moroccan Hand-Cut Terracotta Tiles

Unveil a Mediterranean touch in your next design project with Zellige tiles, the terracotta jewels of Moroccan architecture. Interior Surfaces Group brings these classics to the US market with an eye for handcrafted beauty.

As we constantly seek unique elements to incorporate into our spaces, Zellige tiles have emerged as an artisan-made favorite among interior designers and homeowners alike. Let’s briefly embark on a journey through the history of these tiles, understanding their making, and exploring the diverse ways they can transform modern homes with their timeless appeal.


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4×4 Zellige Casablanca White


The History of Zellige Moroccan Terracotta Tiles

The story of Zellige tiles begins in the majestic mountains of Fez, Morocco. These hand-cut glazed tiles date back to the 10th century, initially gracing the palaces and sacred spaces across the Islamic world. Crafted from the natural terracotta found abundantly in Moroccan land, each piece of Zellige is unique, reflecting the very soul of the earth and the artisan’s meticulous craftsmanship.

The creation of Zellige is a celebration of imperfection and artistry. Artisans, with skills passed down through generations, shape locally sourced clay into tiles. After being dried naturally in the sun, these tiles undergo a baking process in kilns, followed by the application of enamel glazes, infusing vibrant life into each tile. The characteristic variations in color, texture, and luminosity are not seen as flaws but as a testament to their artistic origin and individual journey from the earth to your homes.


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4×4 Zellige Gun Metal


Why is Zellige capturing the hearts of today’s top designers and discerning homeowners? It’s their paradoxical nature – being profoundly historical and ultra-on-trend at the same time. Zellige fits seamlessly into the modern craving for designs that tell a story. Each tile carries narratives of ancient art, resonating with our desire for authenticity and artisanal craftsmanship in an age of mass production.


Zellige on Display at Rubble Tile

The Zellige collection from ISG consists of six colors that come in a hand-cut 4×4:

  1. Casablanca White
  2. Oyster
  3. Pearl White
  4. Azure Blue
  5. Celadon
  6. Gun Metal

The Casablanca White also comes in a versatile 2×6 inch brick that you can design to be installed in a stacked pattern, an offset subway look, or a stylish herringbone.


2x6 inch zellige moroccan tiles mn

2×6 Zellige Casablanca White

Top Spaces to Use Zellige Terracotta Tile

Picture your kitchen backsplash, for instance, shimmering with the subtle hues of these glazed terracotta tiles, each catching the light differently. It transforms a mundane cooking area into a vibrant space that inspires culinary creativity. Moreover, the tiles’ textured surface and reflective properties add depth, making smaller kitchens appear larger and brighter.


handmade kitchen backsplash tiles

4×4 Zellige Casablanca White


Bathrooms are yet another perfect canvas for Zellige. Envision ocean-inspired blue Zellige tiles lining your shower wall, or a splash of earth-toned tiles as an accent behind your basin. They instill an element of serene luxury, turning ordinary bathrooms into personal spas.


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4×4 Zellige Casablanca White


But don’t let the creativity stop there! Zellige’s versatility extends to fireplace mantels, stair risers, or even as framed tile pieces doubling as wall art. These little terracotta marvels can uplift the aura of any space they inhabit.


Tiles That Are Sustainable By Nature

Zellige tiles have withstood the test of time, from ancient Moroccan courtyards to contemporary apartments in New York, Paris, or Barcelona. They echo a universal appeal, making them a smart choice for those refurbishing their homes.

Incorporating Zellige is also a nod to sustainable living. These tiles are made from natural, locally sourced materials through processes that, for the most part, have remained environmentally conscious for centuries. Opting for Zellige means choosing decor that harmonizes with nature, a choice that’s becoming increasingly significant.


4×4 Zellige Azure Blue


In conclusion, Zellige Moroccan tiles are more than a passing trend. They are a bridge between the yesteryears and the modern-day, between art and functionality, and between the earth and your living space.

Whether you’re an interior designer seeking to inject an artisanal charisma into your next project or a homeowner curating a space that reflects a worldly and stylish persona, Zellige is a smart selection. Embrace the charm of these terracotta treasures, and let the ancient magic of Fez redefine your modern sanctuary.


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