Textiles-Inspired Porcelain Collection at Rubble Tile

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Textiles-Inspired Porcelain Collection at Rubble Tile

As winter embraces us with this year’s not-so-chilly charm, it’s the perfect time to explore interior designs that not only elevate the aesthetics of our spaces but also bring in an element of warmth and comfort. One such captivating solution comes from the innovative minds at AlysEdwards with their Filose collection, a series that transcends the conventional to offer a contemporary twist on texture and warmth.

Filose by AlysEdwards is more than just a porcelain tile collection; it’s a statement of style and sophistication that caters to the refined tastes of interior designers, architects, and discerning homeowners. These textile pattern tiles are designed to infuse depth and warmth into any room, transforming ordinary spaces into stunning visual experiences.

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While textiles have long been cherished for their beauty and tactile appeal, they come with a set of challenges—they are notorious for trapping dust, fading over time, and being prone to stains. However, the realm of interior design is witnessing a revolutionary shift, thanks to advancements in tile design and glaze technology. The Filose collection stands at the forefront of this evolution, offering a durable, easy-to-maintain alternative that captures the essence of textiles without the associated drawbacks.

Imagine the elegance of textile patterns brought to life with the durability and resilience of porcelain tiles. Filose does precisely that, offering a harmonious blend of practicality and aesthetic appeal. These tiles are an exemplary choice for both residential and commercial spaces, bringing an air of sophistication that is both timeless and contemporary.

As Spring approaches far on the horizon, it’s an invitation to reimagine your remodel projects and your interior spaces. With Filose by AlysEdwards, you have the opportunity to craft interiors that resonate with elegance, warmth, and modern depth. It’s not just about creating spaces; it’s about curating experiences and stories that unfold with every tile you place. Dive into the world of Filose, and let the transformation begin.




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AlysEdwards Filose Collection at Rubble Tile

Available in a 12×24, this porcelain tile offers durability and a vast range of applications. The raised glaze appears stitched throughout the surface, creating an eye-catching glimmer against the matte backdrop.

Each of the six glaze colors are comprised of several different threads of tones and shades that work together to produce a sense of depth in modern and transitional spaces.




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The clever wit of the AlysEdwards tile gurus is once again on display, with color names like Sew Green and Wefty White. The palette usefully includes neutrals as well as the Green, Blue and Black glazes that are soft and inviting.

The threads comprising the raised glazed create a linear pattern that you can lay horizontally or vertically, depending on the look you’re going for. Filose is a great selection for a contemporary backsplash, a modern fireplace surround, shower walls or even on the shower floor (once they’re cut to at least 6×6 in.).


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This on-trend collection is on display and available through our showroom in St. Louis Park. We invite you to schedule a tile consultation or contact us for pricing, samples, and to learn more about Filose.

Please note that our warehouse/customer service and showroom/offices are at two separate locations, with different hours.