Discover the Timeless Elegance of Montblanc: A Ceramic Tile Collection by Original Style

Discover the Timeless Elegance of Montblanc: A Ceramic Tile Collection by Original Style

When it comes to creating spaces that exude elegance and character, the details make all the difference. That’s why interior design professionals and tile enthusiasts alike are turning to the new Montblanc collection by Original Style for that quintessential blend of trend and timelessness.

This exciting collection, with its elongated brick-shaped tiles, is making waves in the Twin Cities and beyond, offering a modern twist on a classic shape.


elongated brick subway tiles


The Artisanal Legacy of Original Style

Original Style stands out as one of Britain’s premier tilemakers, a title earned through years of commitment to craftsmanship and design. With a history steeped in the rich ceramic traditions of the Victorian era, Original Style tiles are not just products; they are a testament to the enduring ethos of quality and beauty. It’s a narrative of artisans who, with every tile, craft a story of sophistication and style.


Why Brick Shaped Tiles are Both Trending and Timeless

cool tile ideas twin citiesBrick-shaped tiles, especially in the elongated form, carry with them a hint of the industrial era, offering a rustic charm that is simultaneously contemporary.

The Montblanc collection reimagines this industrial staple into a chic and sophisticated design element that feels at home in a variety of settings, from minimalist to maximalist, traditional to modern. These tiles serve as a nod to the past while firmly holding their place in the future of interior design.




The Montblanc Collection at Rubble Tile

Montblanc 3 x 12 inch tiles are available in nine lustrous shades. Each color is designed to add a stunning visual impact to any wall, featuring a deep gloss finish with variegated details for a unique appeal. The color palette is versatile, offering options that can blend with various interior styles or become a standout feature in a room.


Popular Elongated Brick Patterns

The Montblanc collection’s versatility shines through in the array of patterns it can inspire. The classic stretcher bond pattern takes on a fresh persona with these 3 x 12-inch tiles, giving walls a sense of elongated elegance.

Herringbone patterns create dynamic visuals, playing with light and shadow to bring movement and depth to interiors. For certain spaces, a vertically stacked pattern can make any wall the focal point of the room.



The Allure of Variegated Glaze

One of the standout features of the Montblanc collection is its deep gloss finish, with variegated details that bring a unique wow factor. This variegated glaze style ensures that each tile has natural shade and color variation, mimicking the unpredictable beauty of nature.

The result is a wall that stands apart with a handcrafted aesthetic, inviting viewers to a visual dance between shades and tones, making every application one-of-a-kind.



Embracing Variation in Tile Applications

Variation in tile applications is not just attractive; it’s a celebration of individuality. In a world that often leans towards the uniform, the Montblanc collection’s natural variation is a breath of fresh air. It offers an artisanal touch that can soften the most modern of spaces or complement a traditional decor.

The charm lies in knowing that no two tiles are exactly the same, much like the spaces they inhabit and the clients we serve.



In the realm of interior design, the Montblanc collection by Original Style is more than just a choice of tile; it’s a declaration of style, a commitment to enduring design, and an embrace of the beautiful variation found in nature.

As a nod to the talent of Original Style’s artisans and the discerning eye of the Twin Cities’ design community, the Montblanc collection is not just a trendsetter. It is a canvas for creativity, a foundation for beauty, and a statement of luxury that will stand the test of time. For the design professional ready to elevate their next project, Montblanc awaits.

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