Beloved Dutch Porcelain Tile Collections In Stock in the U.S. & on Display at Rubble Tile

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Beloved Dutch Porcelain Tile Collections In Stock in the U.S. & on Display at Rubble Tile

Dutch Tilemakers, Mosa, are known as innovators in the porcelain tile space. For many years they’ve created design-forward concepts that are highly sustainable and suitable for both residential and commercial spaces.

The Core Collection underscores the timeless quality of Mosa products by bringing together three beloved tile series: Solids, Terra, and Quartz. Core makes it easy to choose the appropriate tile for any project by bringing their most popular series under one banner.  The selection process is simple and efficient, while allowing for product variation and unparalleled design freedom.


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Core Solids – Courtesy of Mosa


Flawlessly matching light, dark, warm, and cool color tones with layered, powdery, and robust textures, Mosa offers numerous design possibilities in one neat overview and makes it extremely easy for architects and designers to choose the right tiles for their project. It’s now easier than ever to create distinctive surfaces.


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The collection includes nearly 40 colors, three different textures, various traditional formats, and seven innovative shapes in patterns that can be fully customized.


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Core Terra – Courtesy of Mosa.

Core Collection Colors

Core Collection includes a curated selection of Mosa’s most popular colors. Options range from light to dark, neutral to striking, and warm to cool. New colors that offer contemporary trend interpretations have been added to the mix as well, widening designers’ choices.


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Core Terra – Courtesy of Mosa


Mosa Core’s Versatile Texture Options

Texture is key when selecting a surface, and Core Collection has this covered too. Varying from layered textures to more powdery and robust ones, the tile selection in Core Collection spans a wide range of choices.


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Core Terra – Courtesy of Mosa


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Core Terra – Courtesy of Mosa


Each series that makes up Core has its own character, from Solids’ dynamic, rich layered texture, to Terra’s matte, soft powdery feel and Quartz’s robust, granite-like look. Yet they also share a unique design aesthetic through their universal Mosa characteristics, such as their natural, pure porcelain look, their inherent versatility and strong sustainability credentials.


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Core Quartz Triangles – Courtesy of Mosa.


Core Solids: An Interplay of Shades & Textures

The Solids tile series is characterized by a pronounced depth thanks to the effect of grain combinations. The tile is both layered and luxurious, offering a choice of various colors of tiles and structures, from smooth to micro-relief.


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Core Solids – Courtesy of Mosa

Each tile in the Solids series has a unique texture and is made up of various color hues. This helps to create a porcelain surface with a balanced interplay between light, medium, and dark shades. The combination of course and fine grains in the tile adds to the sense of depth.


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Core Solids – Courtesy of Mosa


Core Terra: Contemporary + Natural

Terra is a classic. Thanks to their powdery, matte look and flamed design, Terra tiles have a distinctly organic, earthy character. Terra offers inspiration to create surfaces with a completely unique look.


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Core Terra – Courtesy of Mosa


Featuring timeless tiles with highly dynamic color gradations, Terra is a pure porcelain tile with a natural, contemporary feel. Well known for its subtle glaze variation, this series is available in different shapes and sizes that allow you to create a variety of pattern designs and looks. The tile can be used on floors and walls, in both commercial and residential applications.


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Core Terra – Courtesy of Mosa


Core Quartz: Texture + Durability

A series of unglazed porcelain that is textured and touchable. Quartz combines robustness with an intricate, yet subtle ceramic surface made of grains and crystal-like particles. It offers attractive durability and contemporary sophistication.


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Core Quartz – Courtesy of Mosa


Getting in Shape

Core Collection presents seven new and innovative shapes, in an approach that adds countless options to the designer’s creative arsenal. This ensures efficiency and ease of design. In addition to squares and rectangles, Core Collection includes circles, triangles and forms to link everything together.


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Core Terra – Courtesy of Mosa.


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Core Terra Semicircle and Circle Link- Courtesy of Mosa.



These tile shapes and overall approach have been especially designed in a modular system that enables the creator to easily combine different shapes and sizes, from the more traditional to the more innovative, in a sharp and clean final result. It also ensures all material is used and there is no cutting loss in the creation of patterns.


Mosa’s Online Pattern Generator

Core Collection breaks the barriers between series, allowing designers to put together their own mix-and-match selection from across Solids, Terra and Quartz.


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Mosa Pattern Generator – Courtesy of Mosa.


However, Mosa also offers an extensive variety of set combinations, in balanced patterns of colors, textures, sizes and shapes. This presents designers with a range of high quality options, from the dynamic to the serene, and from flamboyant to subtle. These patterns can be used as offered by Mosa or customized using your own design vision. All options are available through the Pattern Generator.



Don’t hesitate to contact our showroom for more information on Core’s sizes, shapes, pricing and samples. You can also request an appointment for an in-person or virtual consultation with our showroom team anytime.



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