New Stone-Look Porcelain Tile Collection Inspired by Italian Sandstone

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New Stone-Look Porcelain Tile Collection Inspired by Italian Sandstone

This month, we’re excited to feature Cristallo, a beloved stone-look porcelain collection that captures the timeless beauty and strength of ancient Italian stone. This fabulous collection seamlessly blends that tradition with a new, modern aesthetic.

Designed with Italian flair and produced in the US, this stunning series by Ragno draws inspiration from the rich, grey sandstone quarried in the Apuan Alps near the enchanting town of Cardoso in Lucca, Tuscany.

Cardoso stone has graced architectural masterpieces and elegant designs since ancient times, prized for its exquisite coloring and distinctive veining. Its strength and beauty endure in the medieval towns of Tuscany and beyond, a testament to Italian craftsmanship.

Experience the allure of Cristallo, where history and contemporary design unite, bringing a touch of Italy’s timeless elegance into your space.

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The Cristallo Collection at Rubble Tile

Cristallo offers three colors: Sabbia, Tortora, and Grigio. They create a neutral and sophisticated palette of refined tones and shades of beige and grey that fit harmoniously into any interior design.


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The tiles come in versatile 24 x 48 inch and 12 x 24 inch sizes, with a matching 2 x 2 in. mosaic mounted in square foot sheets, and finally a 12 x 24 inch Chiseled finish. Together, they make up a versatile range of tiles designed to fill residential and commercial environments with soothing elegance.

The Cristallo collection is ideal for use on both floors and walls, in projects ranging from residential construction to public and commercial environments.


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Cristallo: Chiseled Finish Porcelain Stone-Look Tile

Introducing the Chiseled finish, exclusively available in the 12 x 24 inch size, where the gently rippled surface patterns bring a touch of natural stone’s elegance to your space. This finish boasts a realistic relief quality, capturing the essence of natural stone with a shimmering effect that dances in the light, creating captivating three-dimensional allure.

The warm tones and dynamic textures of Cristallo’s Chiseled finish are perfect for crafting expansive, well-lit spaces. This versatile finish also allows for seamless visual continuity between floor and wall tiles, enhancing the overall aesthetic and creating a harmonious, inviting atmosphere.


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Modular Porcelain Tiles with Rectified Edges

The two field tile sizes in Cristallo are modular, so you can create patterns to interest the eye. Using them for flooring installations allows the organic shade variation of the surface-effects to be emphasized.

The collection allows designers to create natural and enveloping habitats, making a nice backdrop for refined furnishings and offering a strong textural component, in order to convey sensations of well-being and authenticity to our living spaces.

And with rectified edges, the installed tiles can have thinner gout lines, making for a more contemporary look.


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We invite you to visit Rubble Tile’s showroom to explore the exquisite Cristallo collection in person. Schedule a tile consultation, get pricing and samples, or learn more about this elegant new porcelain stone-look option. Contact us today to bring the timeless beauty of Cristallo into your space.

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*All Photos Courtesy of Ragno

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