Glazed Porcelain Terracotta Tiles by Ragno at Rubble Tile

Glazed Porcelain Terracotta Tiles by Ragno at Rubble Tile

Rubble Tile is pleased to spotlight the Epoca Collection by Ragno, a well loved designer and manufacturer of high quality tile. This Italian-made collection consists of glazed porcelain tiles with a terracotta look in three warm shades and various sizes and styles, including varied squares, rectangles, and hexagons.



Durable enough for outdoor or indoor use


Because the tiles in the Epoca collection are glazed porcelain, they do not need to be sealed as an unglazed terracotta product would. These tiles have all of the natural beauty of terra cotta without the added maintenance. Epoca is also more durable than terracotta products, making them ideal for outdoor or indoor use.


Epoca’s Shades of Terracotta Warmth

Epoca is available in three shades, each with its own tonal variations and layers. These shade include Cotto Rosso, Cotto Scuro, and Ocra. Each shade calls upon the natural warmth of its inspiring material, terracotta. With intentional imperfections and a slight surface roughness, these durable porcelain tiles hold their own against the ancient artistic touches of terracotta.



Ancient meets contemporary with tonal depth

Sizes and Shapes Create Modern Interpretations

In addition to its faithful interpretation of the timeless beauty of terracotta, Epoca breaks the mold of tradition with its multiple sizes and shapes, and its many options for modular layout patterns. With the Epoca collection, Ragno offers a wide variety of rectangular and square tile sizes, including 6×6”, 6×12″, 12×12”, 24×24″, 3×11”, and 3×12” bullnose. Epoca is also available in a modern 8×8″ hexagon.



Epoca as a hexagonal wall tile


With such an enormous range, Epoca can lend itself to a hearty outdoor layout or a more delicate, indoor design. It can also be laid out as floor tile or wall tile. Different sizes and shapes can be mixed and matched to create unique, contemporary layouts that catch the eye. The varied sizes, along with the depth of tones in any shade you choose, give Epoca an incredible sense of layers and design possibilities.



Varied size and shape combination options


Whether you are looking for full floor and wall coverage or designing a gorgeous backsplash, Epoca has something to offer. This collection lends itself to classic and contemporary designs, or a blend of both. Bring its natural beauty into your design plans today.


*Photos Courtesy of Dal-Elit, LLC, a subsidiary of Mohawk Industries, Inc.

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