Core Collection by Original Style Offers a Classic American Look for the Kitchen and Bath

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Core Collection by Original Style Offers a Classic American Look for the Kitchen and Bath

Why reinvent the wheel? The subway tile is such a well-loved American classic that the distinguished tile designers of Original Style were inspired to base their whole Core Collection around it.

Core is a new offering by Original Style’s renowned English tilemakers that was designed specifically for the American marketplace. The subway or brick shape is the heart of the series, coming in three different sized bricks, all with bevel options. Three moldings provide design flexibility. Four colors keep it simple, plus one crackle finish. That’s it! Core is all you need for a timeless look in your bathroom, kitchen, laundry or mudroom.


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Photo Courtesy of Original Style. Grey Bevel Brick 3” x 12” Black Bevel Brick 3” x 6” Black Capping.


In design, sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.

Original Style went back to basics when creating this series and asked one simple question – what are the key elements to consider when choosing tiles for your bathroom and kitchen? Here’s what they came up with:

  • a neutral, co-ordinating color palette
  • a carefully selected number of complementing pieces, including porcelain floor mosaics
  • make choosing a pleasure not a dilemma
  • quality with a competetive price structure


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Grey Bevel Brick 3” x 12”, Black Bevel Brick 3” x 6”, Black Capping


Core Collection Color Palette

Core offers four colors, all appealing neutrals that work well with the coordinating floor mosaics and other materials like natural stone.

They keep it simple yet sophisticated with White, Almond, Grey and Black brick options. Almond also comes in a crackle glaze in beveled and non-beveled.


brick style ceramic tile

Photo Courtesy of Original Style. Grey Brick 4” x 8”


Shapes, Sizes and Finishing Pieces

The long 3” x 12” brick and wider brick 4” x 8” are today’s take on the familiar subway 3” x 6”, which is also available. You can add dimension with the bevel bricks too. Define the edges with contrasting tiles and moldings for a smart finish.


kitchen backsplash subway tile

Photo Courtesy of Original Style. White Brick 3” x 6”, White Capping.


Core provides useful options for edging the top row of tiles, and for framing and highlighting, including the 6” x 3/4” Pencil, 6” x 7/8” Quarter Round, and 6” x 7/8” Capping. There’s also an extremely functional 4” x 4” Bevel Corner for use with the 4″ x 8″ Bevel Bricks.


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Photo Courtesy of Original Style. Almond Crackle Bevel 4” x 8”, Almond Crackle Bevel Corner 4” x 4”, Almond Quarter.


Timeless Floor Mosaics

Core was designed to coordinate with Original Style Porcelain Floor Mosaics. They’re timeless patterns that are high quality options for bathrooms, laundry rooms and more. Options include the Basketweave mosaic, Classic Octagon with Dot, Honeycomb, and Moonbeam Penny Rounds.


basketweave mosaics minneapolis

Photo Courtesy of Original Style. Basketweave


With its fresh colors, clean lines, highly functional pieces and timeless style, Core is a designer tile collection you can turn to again and again.

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