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Classic Meets Contemporary at Rubble Tile: Semi Matte Porcelain that Wows

Adex USA’s highly functional and timely porcelain collection, Floor, is now available at Rubble Tile. Designers love the tiles’ natural semi matte glaze, classic shapes, and neutral colors that have made them a popular choice for both traditional and transitional spaces. But what defines Floor’s uniqueness is its versatility that makes it a smart selection for contemporary spaces as well.


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Adex Floor at Rubble Tile in St. Louis Park

Floor comes in 7.4″×7.4″ square and 8″×9″ hex field tiles that each come in six semi matte glaze colors. Expect a slight glaze variation due to the organic materials and natural glaze process used to create each tile.


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Floor wows with coordinating hex decos and trending pickets. The hex decos come in five colorways, and can be combined with field hexes for striking patterns that elicit an attractive modern flair.


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The 1.5″×9″ pickets perfectly complement the square field tile both aesthetically and literally, allowing designers to create patterns that bring modern sophistication to their project. There are seven colors, including the refined and trending Wood glaze.


Picket shaped porcelain tile


Mesh mounted, glazed porcelain mosaics that are also available are perfect for bathroom & shower floors, or other floor applications where classic, budget friendly glazed mosaics are needed. They come in the classic pinwheel pattern mounted on 12″ x 12″ mesh sheets, as well as small hexes that come on 11.1″×10.7″ sheets.




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Porcelain Tile in Residential Spaces

These days, porcelain tile is sophisticated and luxurious enough to select for even the most sought after projects. The price point makes Floor a great option for a kids’ bathroom, a laundry room or a guest bath. The field and deco tiles also fit right in when installed on a master bath floor, or in larger spaces like sun rooms and hallways.

While some of Floor’s tiles are commercially rated for wall use, they have a hand-glazed aspect that makes them more appropriate for residential floors than commercial. In a home, porcelain’s durability and low maintenance make it a really attractive choice vs. ceramic or natural stone tile, especially when you take the price into consideration.



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