New Textile Pattern Porcelain Collection at Rubble Tile

New Textile Pattern Porcelain Collection at Rubble Tile

This month, we’re featuring a new collection of textile pattern tiles that offer a modern depth and warmth to any room. Filose, from the tile mavens at AlysEdwards, provides the sophisticated aesthetic benefits of textiles designers love. Textiles in interior applications are gorgeous, but they often gather  dust and dirt particles, they can fade over time, and they tend to stain easily.


textile pattern porcelain tiles


Advances in tile design and digital printing technology  have made textile pattern porcelain tiles an attractive substitute for heavy fabric wall and floor installations in residential and commercial spaces.


Linear pattern porcelain tile minneapolis


AlysEdwards Filose Collection

Available in a 12×24, this porcelain tile offers durability and a vast range of applications. The raised glaze appears stitched throughout the surface, creating an eye-catching glimmer against the matte backdrop.

Each of the six glaze colors are comprised of several different threads of tones and shades that work together to produce a sense of depth in modern and transitional spaces.



texture pattern tile in minneapolis


The clever wit of the AlysEdwards tile gurus is once again on display, with color names like Sew Green and Wefty White. And the palette includes neutrals as well as the Green, Blue and Black glazes that are soft and inviting.

The threads comprising the raised glazed create a linear pattern that you can lay horizontally or vertically, depending on the look you’re going for. Filose is a great selection for a contemporary backsplash, a modern fireplace surround, shower walls or even on the shower floor (once they’re cut to at least 6×6 in.).


blue porcelain tile


This trending collection is on display and available through our showroom in St. Louis Park. We invite you to schedule a tile consultation or give us a call for pricing, samples, and to learn more about Filose.

Please note that our warehouse/customer service and showroom/offices are at two separate locations, with different hours.